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The Rothbury Report

4th of July with the Grateful Dead

4th of July with the Grateful Dead

In Donewaiting’s ongoing quest to report on global musical goings-on, my buddy Nate Renkes and I descended into the wilderness of Western Michigan to witness the Rothbury Festival over the 4th of July weekend. The site is 2,000 acres of campgrounds, woods, and the actual festival grounds, which contains 5 stages separated by the Sherwood Forest, a well-maintained wooded area with weird arts displays and the Speak EZ stage. The festival was an enjoyable four days of music, camping, and hippies, with solid performances from most acts involved. Big thanks go to Nate for his camping expertise and his photographic enthusiasm. Most of the pictures below are his.

Here are some pictures of the environment before a day-by-day breakdown: Continue reading

Donewaiting @ Rothbury Festival

Donewaiting writer Andrew Patton is at the Rothbury Music Festival this weekend. He’ll have a proper recap of the show when he returns, but for now you can get live updates via his Twitter account. And for extra bonus, donewaiting’s twitter account

Kid Cudi Appreciation Post


MP3: She Came Along by Sharam featuring Kid Cudi

(EDIT: Turns out that Kid Cudi is not playing the Rothbury Festival after all, oops.  He is embarking on some major touring this summer though, including some European dates and a co-headlining slot on The Great Hangover Tour in July and August.  They play the House of Blues in Cleveland on July 17th, so maybe I’ll see you there?)

Shaker Heights, OH (Cleveland suburb) native Kid Cudi has gained attention from the blogs and from urban radio for his involvement with Kanye West and for his single “Day ‘n Nite,” which has slowly gained momentum for the last six months and is now heard coming from local cars on the regular.  This phenomenon has not gone unnoticed by this humble website, as champion for Ohio hip-hop Wes Flexner hit you with a then-new MP3 back in December and some hype for the “Day ‘n Nite” video when it hit BET in February, while our noble boss man Rob Duffy reported on Cudi’s performance with Kanye at SXSW 2009.  As you can see, the excitement has been building around me and I can’t wait to see him live.  The man seems to be inspiring new mainstream-ish excitement for Ohio hip-hop, so I’m interested to see how he progresses with the release of his official debut album, “Man on the Moon: The Guardians,” currently slated for August 25th.

Video footage from February 2009 (youtubed by http://illroots.com/)

YouTube Preview Image