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Listen: Ryne Doughty

It was a happy accident stumbling upon singer/songwriter Ryne Doughty in a bar last night in Des Moines. Truth be told, when I found out I needed to come to Iowa for a business trip, I did a little poking around to see what bands might be performing (on the docket for tonight – Columbus’s own Blueprint at Vaudeville Mews) and I knew Doughty was going to be playing at El Bait Shop, a beer joint not that different from places like World of Beer and Bodega in Columbus (in other words, they have probably 100 beers on draft and another couple hundred in bottles).

Turns out, the people I was with wanted to grab a drink after work and we headed to El Bait Shop. I couldn’t have planned it better. Doughty and guitarist Darren Matthews (Thankful Dirt) set up in a corner and started playing around 8pm. We only stayed through the first set, but I became a fan within seconds of the first note being strummed. Doughty’s one of those guys who’s not really an alt-country artist but I think he’s probably influenced by performers like Ryan Adams and Steve Earle (who he covered during the set). Columbus readers might understand this reference, Doughty’s deeper vocals reminded me quite a bit of Sean Beal’s (Feversmile, Train Meets Truck, Big Back Forty) and that, for people who know me, is a great compliment as Beal is one of my favorite singers to come out of Ohio.

Take a listen to Doughty’s most recent release, To the Factory. He did tell me, during a break, that he’s planning on releasing new material in the near future so stay tuned.

Ryan Adams releasing “Live After Deaf” box set Friday with 218 tracks

…and, according to Ryan Adams’s Facebook page, it’ll have 15 discs of vinyl. From the page:

Oh hey you guys, did you want more information on Live after Deaf ? OK.
144 tracks of live acoustic Ryan spread across 15 vinyl discs…with a download card featuring all 144 tracks PLUS an additional 74 digital-only bonus tracks (yup, that’s a total of 218 tracks) all in a heavyweight cloth box. Super Duper limited numbers available ONLY at http://paxamrecords.com/ beginning 1:30 p.m. EST on Friday, June 15

No word on pricing, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict: expensive. Order through his PaxAm label.

UPDATE: Apparently Pax Am and Kung Fu Nation, which runs Pax Am’s webstore, didn’t anticipate all the traffic. The site crashed and never recovered, prompting this postponement announcement from Kung Fu: “Dear Ryan Adams fans, we apologize for the technical problems with the sale of Live After Deaf. The sale will be postponed until Monday, 4pm est. We will work with our hosting company over the weekend to ensure the problems are rectified well before then. We realize that a great deal of time was wasted by people clicking refresh for hours, and we were right there with you clicking refresh and pulling out our hair. We accept full responsibility for these problems and we ask for your understanding as we promise to make Monday a much better experience. Please see http://site.paxamrecords.com/news/ for full details.”

Also the price will reportedly be $130 plus shipping.