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MP3: Path “Wes Eckmayer” “Matt Whitehurst” “Keith Lawson” “Ron Barker”

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MP3:Path- Wes Eckmayer 
MP3: Path- Matt Whitehurst
MP3:Path- Keith Lawson
MP3: Path- Ron Barker

Columbus rapper/producer Path made an interesting instrumental album. He titled each song on Peasant LIfe after the government name of someone that influenced him.

Real sweet gesture right? He even made a song called Wes Eckmayer. Thats my real name. I took the name Wes Flexner when I was still writing graffiti and needed a nom de plume when making zines. Nowadays having an alias makes me seem more sketchy than I really am.

“I don’t think I can do this. I don’t even know your real last name. This is going too fast.”

Anyway, My song is alright. It’s got a pitched soul sample. But really it is not as good as Matt Whitehurst. That song has layers and progressions. Overall it just sounds cooler.
Wes Eckmayer is also inferior to Keith Lawson a more haunting, stronger, darker and sinister sounding beat.  I would also like to switch songs with Ron Barker That song similar is to Wes Eckmayer but has a more laid back party vibe to accompany the pitched up sample.

Download the Peasant Life at Path’s Shiny New Website.

MP3: Cool Ray Slick “Camu’s Back”

MP3: Camu’s Back

Pac Back. Pun Back. Biggie Back. Eazy-E Back. Big L Back.Freaky Tah Back. Stack Bundles Back.

So it’s only right that Camu’s friend Cool Ray Slick aka Aqward proclaims Tero Smith to be back.

Cue the Pete Rock Horns…

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Camu Tao’s death. Memorial day BBQ’s in Columbus poured out a little liquor and T.R.O.Yed the fallen Columbus Hip Hop supernova.

Pos 2 posted on an unreleased S.A. Smash song on the Weightless message board with this description:

…it’s an unreleased sa smash track from smashy trashy. to my knowledge this was one of the 1st recordings for the lp. przm gave me a tape so we could listen to it in the car of some of the songs they had recorded. it was fuck you 2, jerezyed out, and last night…the one with the led zepplin sample. not sure why it did not make the cut, but it’s a great track.

the quality isn’t the best. the highs are a little low. and you can here pops from time to time to where i am guessing when przm taped this, he just had it recorded to high

MP3:S.A. Smash-Fuck You 2

Columbus Represented

Last night Columbus really represented at So What Wednesdays. Place was packed, and very eager to get down to the Fonosluts, and Detox spinning Booty House.
Because of the overwhelming response Pos and Detox have given me a 90 minute version of the 2/11/01 Hip Hop Night that I leaked earlier this.week,
This 90 minute mp3 has Lozone playing everything from Wu-Tang to Whodini to Company Flow to ever cotdamn Milli Vanilli.
It has Przm’s booty house mix, and then segways into an open mic.
The open mic has freestyles by tons of cats, including Met of Sa Smash,Copywrite ,Jakki the Motomouth and So What aka Daymon.(This was prior to him dubbng himself Racist Joe)
A highlight of this freestyle session is Copywrite getting angry at a mc and dissing him a little bit on this.

The entire recording is hosted by Daymon.
His dad contacted me, and said he was thankful for the previous posted mp3.
It kinda tripped me out that his dad was listening to Daymon chant along to baudy Booty House. But it’s prolly an interesting thing fo a father to see his son in a different element.

MP3:Fonosluts 2/11/01 Long Ass Version