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Wednesday: The Sword, Torche, Stinking Lizaveta (Ravari Room)

It’s so damn easy to throw out Sabbath references about any band that plays through the primordial sludge amplifier. It’s become too easy and perhaps a bit lazy but then a band like The Sword has to drop an album like Gods of Earth which reeks of pot smoke and many, many hours of Iommi/Osbourne/Butler/Ward worshipping. There’s, of course, heavy doses of desert rock (ala Kyuss) mixed in to the Austin, Texas band’s sound as well which ain’t a bad recipe when all’s said and done.

Duffy booked these guys at the High Five a few years back and though the kid has never professed his love for metal / stoner-rock, he was floored by these guys enough so that he’s going to be headbanging front and center during The Sword’s return.

Torche, described by some as a “metal band for those who don’t like metal”, and Stinking Lizaveta, described by Trevor Danger as “an instrumental jazzy Sabbath”, open the show which is guaranteed to sell out (a limited number of tix will be available at the door but once they’re gone, they’re gone).

I hate writing shit like this and I hate reading shit like this but The Sword is poised to move onto bigger and better things (summer plans = Bonaroo, Ozzfest, opening for Metallica in Europe) so try to catch ’em at the Ravari Room so you can say “I saw them before they were playing arena stages.”