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Video: Afghan Whigs and Marcy Mays – “My Curse” live at ATP

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Columbus’s very own Scrawl played ATP’s “I’ll Be Your Mirror USA” in NYC this weekend, and in a nice surprise that you may have seen coming, Greg Dulli invited Scrawl singer (and Ace of Cups owner) Marcy Mays onstage to reprise her role as lead vocalist for the Afghan Whigs tune “My Curse.” A fan captured it in this video.

To put it in context, here’s a similar video (with better audio/video quality) from the Reading Fest in 1994:
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Saturday: Wussy @ Ace of Cups + mp3 premiere

MP3: “Grand Champion Steer”

Between the Ass Ponys and Wussy, Chuck Cleaver’s got 11 or so full-lengths and countless EPs and singles under his belt. One wouldn’t expect the heavily tattooed Cincinnati songwriter to produce his best collection of songs this late in his already highly-prolific career, but that’s exactly what he’s done with, in my opinion, the best release coming of out Ohio in 2011. To be fair, Cleaver’s not the sole songwriter in Wussy, it’s a collective effort with Lisa Walker (guitar, vocals), Mark Messerly (bass, keys) and Joe Klug (drums) contributing their fair share.

While I’ve been a fan of Cleaver’s since first hearing the quirky-twang of “Earth to Grandma” coming through the speakers at Used Kids in the mid-90s (and later seeing the Meat Puppet’s-ish “Little Bastard” on MTV! Oh, what a glorious day that was!), the new Wussy release, Strawberry (listen to – and buy – on Bandcamp), is something I’ve returned to over and over on the iPod in the last 2 or so weeks – the passion between Cleaver and Walker (as ex-lovers, as current songwriting partners) so natural, the voices playing off each other so beautifully.

Fortunately, with Wussy headquartered about 120 miles southwest on 71, we’re luckier than most and get somewhat regular shows in Columbus though Saturday night’s show at Ace of Cups is somewhat special, serving as a CD release party, of sorts. Wussy will be joined by Columbus counterparts Moviola and Birds of Hair (featuring Scrawl’s Marcy Mays).

Photos: Ace of Cups opening party with Scrawl, Envelope & Ex-Whites

Ace of Cups had their opening party at the end of July! Featured bands were Ex-Whites, Envelope and Scrawl.




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Video: “Envelope Plays a High School Graduation Party”

Priceless footage of two of Columbus’ finest Envelope & DJ Detox playing a High School graduation party.
At some point, Envelope tells the kids that not going to college will lead them to “the misdemeanor of the month club”. He also lies to them and tells them that the Black Eyed Peas are taking him on tour after leading the young people in “Fuck the Police” chants.

Shot by Pelham Johnston, Adrian Stucker

Envelope will be be involved with a ceremony of a different age bracket as he performs at the Ace of Cups Grand Opening Saturday. Ex-Whites and Columbus rock legends Scrawl are also on the bill.

Marcy Mays working on a new Columbus venue: Ace of Cups

Over the winter, rumors started circulating about a new rock club moving into the space formerly occupied by Miani’s and Sloopy’s. Well, the rumor is inching closer to reality. Marcy Mays, co-owner of Surly Girl Saloon and singer/guitarist in Scrawl, plans to open a venue in the North Campus building called Ace of Cups. Go “Like” it on Facebook to keep tabs on how things are progressing. For now, details are minimal (hence the “Drink, Music, Food” description), but if all goes according to plan, we’ll have more to announce in the near future.

If you’re like me, the first thought upon hearing this news is: The new Little Brother’s?

Posters: This weekend in Columbus

Lots of shows, lots of posters:

More info

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Photos: Parking Lot Blowout part II — New Bomb Turks, Gibson Bros, Scrawl

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Videos: Gibson Bros – “Moon Twist,” Scrawl – “Breaker Breaker,” more…

Scott Johnson shot some pretty great video of Saturday’s Parking Lot Blowout in Columbus. Here’s a couple vids from the Gibson Bros reunion and several from Scrawl’s set.

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Full Parking Lot Blowout lineup announced

We told you before about the Gibson Bros, Scrawl and New Bomb Turks. Here’s the full deal, including after-party w/ Ted Leo:

The CMC has a fancy new website, too.

(And some dude wrote about the Gibson Bros reunion in this week’s Other Paper.)

Gibson Brothers, New Bomb Turks, Scrawl to Play at Columbus’ Parking Lot Blow Out

Gibson Brothers
Gibson Brothers

This year’s Parking Lot Blow Out @ Surly Girl, hosted by the Columbus Music Co-Op is bringing out all the big bands of yesteryear for one huge event. Headlining (in no particular order) will be New Bomb Turks, Scrawl, and The Gibson Brothers. Save the date: Saturday, July 10.

Each one of those bands headlining ALONE would make this a special event, but having all three under one tent is just insane.

New Bomb Turks play 1-2 shows in Columbus every year, if you’re lucky.

Scrawl plays every other year? Maybe even less than that.

Okay, so here’s the thing….. The Gibson Brothers haven’t played a show for 18 years! That is two years less than 20.

If you don’t know who the Gibson Brothers are, or why this is a big deal, this piece Mark Wyatt wrote for us will give you some background on the band. Basically if you’re into bands like JSBE or White Stripes, or any other band that has a twinge of garage sound to them, chances are they were inspired by the Gibson Brothers.

More bands to be announced soon. Book your flights now.