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Scrawl resurgence?


Media outlets seem to be rediscovering legendary Columbus “girl-punk forebears” SCRAWL recently.

Video: Scrawl Performs “Breaker, Breaker”

Scrawl’s set Saturday at The Summit was amazing. Let’s hope they play more than every 1.5 years. From Shirley:

See more videos here.

Columbus: New Bomb Turks + Scrawl @ The Summit 2/20/09

New Bomb Turks in cause chaos

MP3: Born Toulouse-Lautrec by New Bomb Turks

New Bomb Turks still do a few shows every year, and when they happen they are always a must-see, especially in Columbus. What is making this show even more insane is that Scrawl will be playing too. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Expect a sold out show, lots of drinking, several injuries, and many many many hangovers.

Chicago Bonus: The Turks are playing the next night @ The Cobra.

UPDATE: You can get advance tickets here.

Pat Radio Plays the Classics

Here’s a great podcast from Pat Radio. It plays some “classic” Columbus bands but also songs from some unforgettable shows that have probably never been heard on the internet. We’re talking Nick Cave, The Pixes, and more from the 80s…

Click here to download the podcast.

Tim Anstaett, publisher of The Offense fanzine, is my guest this week. He talks about The Offense and plays some great local music from back in the day. He also shares some stuff from shows he promoted in Columbus.

1. Great Plains – The Way She Runs A Fever Live at the Pop Shop, 1983 from Slaves to Rock’n’Roll Live
2. The Embarrassment – I Only Want A Date Live At Mr Brown’s, from the Retrospective cassette
3. The Cowboys – Teenage Life 7″
4. Razor Penguins – Indifference 7″
5. The Gibson Brothers – Woo Hoo Build a Raft
6. Pixies – Vamos Live at Staches June 6, 1988
7. The Fall – Slang King Live at the Newport April 1, 1985
8. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – I Put A Spell On You Live at Staches June 27, 1984
9. Scrawl – Let It All Hang Out Live at Staches May 25, 1988
10. Throwing Muse – Colder Live at Staches May 25, 1988
11. Cocteau Twins – Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops Live at the Newport September 19, 1985
12. Great Plains – Letter to a Fanzine Naked at the Buy, Sell and Trade