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Reno’s Nada Surf and Sea Wolf Posters Now For Sale

Proud new papa Clint Reno made two great Nada Surf/Sea Wolf posters that are now for sale. You can buy them separately or as a pair. Click here for ordering info.

Last Night in Columbus: Nada Surf, Sea Wolf Kick off Tour

Nada Surf kicked off their fall tour last night in Columbus with Sea Wolf. Both bands sounded great and the place was packed (much to the chagrin of a lot of people there).

Nada Surf’s set list leaned heavily towards “Let Go,” which was fine by me — it’s one of my all time favorite albums. While “The Weight is a Gift” didn’t immediately grab me when it came out, it’s been a bit of a slow burner, slowly becoming an essential part of my music collection.

I was a little worried that the Sea Wolf crowd would leave after their set, but thankfully I was wrong. Both bands earned new fans last night, and I give an A+ to the booking agents who put this tour together. If Wilco wasn’t playing in town tonight, I probably would make my way down to Cincinnati to catch their next show together.

Here’s a bunch of photos of both bands by Kim Rottmayer

Nada Surf

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New Nada Surf MP3, New Sea Wolf Video

Nada Surf and Sea Wolf are doing a small tour together, stopping Monday in Columbus at the Basement. While Nada Surf is headliners (as they should be), it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the crowd after Sea Wolf’s set – their single “I’m a Wolf” is getting huge play in town, and they were part of CD101’s big summer show a few months back.

The last time Nada Surf played Columbus was for “Let Go,” election day 2004. It was one of the best and worst sets I’ve ever seen – and the band had nothing to do with it. While their music was great, it was overshadowed by the TV screen showing George Bush winning re-election.

Anyway, Nada Surf has released a song from their new album, out in February: See These Bones

Also, Sea Wolf has a new video for “Winter Windows” that can be seen over here.