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Video: Searius Add “MC Hammer is Innocent”

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A few weeks ago the Other Paper reported on Searius Add performing a new spoken word piece called “MC Hammer is Innocent” at his Black Tuesday night at Kobo, here in Columbus..
Well, Searius made video for it and Hammer is feeling it.

Today in Columbus:Grindtime MC Battle @ Skullys

Zerostar is bringing one of the Nation’s most respected battle circuits to Columbus today. Locals Meta4ce, Tyrless and Searius Add battle emcees from all over the nation.
Here is some old Omnimix footage of a really young Meta4ce serving Scribble Jam champ at the time Adeem in front of Bernies. (this battle was instigated by Andrew Kern when he was like 15.)
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Searius Add Preps “Ideal Idea” Video

I gotta give it up to Searius Add. The Columbus rapper is always coming up with a new angle to get exposure. Whether it’s acting in plays, throwing events, battling, touring or releasing mix tapes, dood is always finding away to keep his name out there. His newest endeavor has him premiering his new video for his song “Ideal Idea” during the intermission at the Poetry N Motion event being held at The Hale Center on 2-25-08 starting at 645P. The video will also premier online on this date as well.

MP3: Searius Add-Ideal Idea
MP3: Searius Add-Dream On