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Tonight in Columbus

Two nights in a row, a lot of great things going on around town.

  • Detroit’s Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor bring their reverb-drenched, psychedelic rock (ala Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Black Angels, Spacemen 3) to Cafe Bourbon St. where they’ll share a bill with Moondrones and Love Culture. The band’s new CD is available as a free download on their site so check out the hazy sounds and then head to the show.
  • Like Giants, the band formed and fronted by ex-Hot Damn guitarist Ashleigh Wells, are holding an EP release party at the Scarlet and Grey Cafe. While I mourn the demise of Hot Damn, I’ve always been a fan of Ashleigh’s vocals (which were a bit underutilized in her previous band) and am really excited that she’s now front and center of her own band. Not sure if this is what Like Giants were going for, but the EP sounds to me like Sarah Shannon (Velocity Girl) fronting a mid-90s post-emo pop band, and that, my friends, is a sweet, sweet sound. As far as 2009 local releases go, I think this is one of my favorites.

Also happening

And, finally …

The ultimate Bon Jovi and Journey tribute band, Bon Journey will be at Flannagan’s in Dublin.