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Trailer for the New Alien Workshop Video Mindfield

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Above is the Trailer for the new Alien Workshop Video called Mindfield. It’s been 4 years since AWS last ventured into video. They always make them pretty artsy and epic. Below is a clip of skating. Cool to see people still get down to Dinosaur Jr in skate vids.

Mindfield will hit shops worldwide Feb 6, 2009. Continue reading

Skateboarders Vs. Fixed Gear Bikers

Columbus Power-Violence revivalists, Weedsteeler, once again became the most vocal proponent in the “Punks Should Ride Skateboards Not Bikes” movement with the above declaration. While I applaud the sense of design, culture, history and spelling–fact is gas prices are at 4 nearly dollars a gallon –So I am not sure if Weedsteeler will win this arguement.

But regardless these stickers are funny and available at Embassy Boardshop.

In related Columbus Skateboard hate-mongering; Iglu has a new myspace. The skategang put a bunch of video clips in their blog, like this one:

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Epicly Later’d Will Be On MTV 2 Satuday

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Patrick O’dell aka I’m from U.A. Aka I am from Columbus. Aka I had a big ass ramp in my basement in U.A. when I was in High School. Aka my sister was in Lambsbread. AKA That guy has jeans made by Altamount. Aka number 1 picture shooter for Thrasher and Vice. Aka Epicly Later’d will be on MTV 2 Saturday.

This episode below won’t be on the television on Saturday. But who doesn’t have Neckface in their Top 5 rappers of all time next to Katt Williams, Bill Cosby, Andrew Dice Clay, and Don Rickles.

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