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Wednesday: Skrillex @ The LC. SOLD OUT!

All I know about dubstep, I learned from Spin Magazine. Sort of. I mean, I’m familiar with – and have spent enough time on YouTube finding remixed and different versions of songs I like – this new-ish genre that sounds what I imagine the Transformers would sound like if they made music, but Spin provided a pretty good Clif’s Notes version of the genre and the top talents.

Skrillex, the nom de plume of former hardcore singer Sonny Moore (his band was From First to Last), is the poster boy for the dubstep movement and his shows have been selling out around the world. Live, I’m not exactly sure what a dubstep producer/artist does other than twist a bunch of knobs, pull up files on a computer, and occasionally yell into a microphone, but kids are clinging to this music the way Generation X attached itself to Nirvana and grunge.

Gotta admit, this video KICKS ASS.

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