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Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Korn headline Rock on the Range

The three day hard-rock festival takes place at Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio May 17-19.

Check out the full lineup over at ColumbusCalling.com.

Friday: Morning Parade opening for Anberlin @ The Newport

My posts here have been coming a little less frequently due to my work on a site that I launched in mid-August. The site, Kids Interview Bands, features my 6th grade daughter Olivia and her friend Connie interviewing bands that are passing through Columbus. The girls got their start at the Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati where they interviewed 8 bands including Neon Trees, Minus the Bear and Imagine Dragons. Since that time, they’ve knocked out 33 or so interviews and have 6 more scheduled in the next 10 days.

In September, the girls had a chance to talk with the UK’s Morning Parade, who were in town on tour with The Wombats (also interviewed by the girls), following the band’s Big Room performance at CD 102.5. Since that time, Morning Parade has done dates with Smashing Pumpkins and are now on the road with Anberlin who they’ll be opening for Friday night at The Newport.

Doors open at 7pm. Tickets are $17 in advance, $20 day of show. IAMWE is also on the bill.

Saturday: Lydia Loveless, Brujas del Sol, Love Culture, Woosley Band, The Grateful Lovers, L.O.C.K. play birthday bash/fundraiser at KOBO

Life can change in an instant. Last July, I asked an old friend of mine, Brian Hake (Kopaz singer/guitarist), and his Van Halen cover band (Van Haken), to perform at my 40th birthday bash. The band blew the roof off KOBO putting on a show that some might argue was better than the real thing.

Then, in January, life got real – Brian was diagnosed with Leukemia. By enduring multiple chemotherapy treatments at the James Cancer Center at Ohio State Univerisity, Brian’s cancer is now in remission and he’s continuing to be proactive in his fight.

I invite you, Donewaiting readers, to join me for the second annual Chip Midnight 40th birthday bash, at KOBO (2590 N. High St.) which is not only an excuse to get together a bunch of bands I really dig to cover songs I really like, but, more importantly, is an opportunity to help raise money for the Hake-n-Roll Pelotonia team which will be riding 100 miles earlier that day to support the James Cancer Center at the Ohio State University. A portion of each $7 cover will be donated to the Hake-n-Roll team.
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Photos: Smashing Pumpkins, Kill Hannah in Columbus

Smashing Pumpkins, Kill Hannah
Newport Music Hall I Columbus, OH
July 9, 2010

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Tuesday: Love Culture @ Skully’s

It seems as if there was any band made for the MySpace (or Hot Topic – if they had one) record label, it would be Love Culture, our very own shoegazer-obsessed, Smashing Pumpkins/Kill Hannah-influenced band of pseudo-goths.

Aquamarine, the seven-song EP released in January and available to download for FREE, is not something you’d typically expect to come out of the Columbus music scene. In a city that is recognized by national press for it’s lo-fi/shitgaze sound, Love Culture in the antithesis of what we’ve allowed to pass as “good” music for the past decade which means, of course, they stand no chance unless they move to a more supportive city like Chicago, L.A., or New York.
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Super group (?) to debut at SXSW

How the hell do these people get together to form a band? I mean, I guess you can play connect the dots to a certain extent – Bassist Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne) and guitarist James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins) co-own a studio. And Iha undoubtedly is a Cheap Trick fan which is where drummer Bun E. Carlos enters the equation. But, prey tell, who invited Taylor Hanson to the party?

Eh, whatever.

This group (is it “super”?) is calling themselves Tinted Windows and will play at Pangaea on March 20 in Austin during SXSW week.

(creds: Billboard.com for the scoop)

Would you be more likely to go see a band if …

Smashing Pumpkins

… you knew the setlist in advance?

All the Smashing Pumpkins reviews recently have gotten me thinking … people seem to be pissed that their set consists primarily of stuff from the most recent album (call it the Pumpkins Chinese Democracy if you want since it’s basically a Corgan solo album). If the fans knew in advance that the set would be 80% new material with just 3 or 4 “greatest hits” tossed in, would all the shows be selling out? People wouldn’t have the right to complain after the show if they knew the setlist in advance. Of course, that would also remove some element of surprise.

Jimmy Eat World announced a 10-date tour in February in which they’ll be playing (in my opinion) their best album, Clarity, start to finish to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of it’s release. I own all their stuff but found the most recent album to be disappointing. If I’m going to go see them, I’d like to hear older stuff. If the Clarity-revisited tour was hitting anywhere in Ohio, I’d go without hesitation.

The Toadies came through town recently. I am not terribly familiar with their older stuff but the stuff I’ve heard didn’t totally blow me away the way the new stuff does. I was really bummed I had to miss their show but I heard that they only did 2 or 3 new songs so I’m sure I would have been upset had I been able to make it.

Last example … I love Superchunk’s Foolish. Love it – think it’s one of the best albums of the mid-80s alt/indie rock world. I don’t really know the rest of their stuff all that well though I do own maybe 2 or 3 other CDs. I saw them do a reunion show at SXSW a few years back and really only recognized one songs from ‘Foolish’ and felt a bit disappointed that I had spent an hour watching them just to hear one song when I could have probably seen a dozen other bands during that same time slot that would have left me feeling more satisfied.

So, I ask, would knowing the setlist in advance of bands that play venues like the Newport or bigger (because I imagine bands doing tours in venues like this have pre-determined setlists rather than making stuff up on the spot or tossing something in should it strike their fancy if they are playing at Ravari Room or The Summit) help you make a decision on whether or not you’d go see a band? And, if your favorite band was playing a set of all new stuff when you only really wanted to see their old stuff, would you skip the show?

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(Photo by Domino Mask)

Last Night’s Smashing Pumpkins Show in Columbus Sounds Weak

Titled “A Special Acoustic Halloween Performance,” last night’s Smashing Pumpkins show in Columbus sold out in like 2 days. But judging from what people are saying in our message board, this $40 a ticket show sucked hard:

Man, did that pumpkins show really fucking suck.
It could have been epic.
Instead, billy hit me across the face with his dick.
thanks billy. for nothing.


the first hour was acoustic (though all the guitars were distorted) and featured covers such as “monster mash”, “wipeout” and “hang on sloopy”. there were no pumpkins songs. it was amusing for a couple songs, but wore thin when the band seemed to not really know how to play said tunes.

Read more in our message board.

(PS: Seattle is lovely and says hello.)

UPDATE: Smashing Pumpkins Acoustic Halloween Show in Columbus OH Sold Out

10/13 Update: This show is sold out already.

The good news about this special acoustic show is hopefully they won’t be playing much of their last album. The bad news is it’s $40 a tick. Even with the financial industry tanking, this show will sell out quickly.

On Sale Date: OCTOBER 11
$40 General Admission