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Gucci Mane Show Review

All photos by Johnny Cashola on a crappy disposable camera.

Me and a few friends went and watched Gucci Mane perform at Club Ice last Friday. Gucci is a man that has sold 500,000 records independently with a label that he has left and is fueding with, a man that sent a friend of Young Jeezy’s to his grave, and has the streets on smash right now with his hit “Freaky Girl”. The night was a spectacle of great porportions complete with a member of the SwatTeam rocking a bullet proof vest and carrying a Machine Gun looking in a manner that resembled a StormTrooper walking up and down Long street, a news crew from godknows where, a two-hour line wait which resulted in the door prices being jacked up to 300 dollars on a 20 dollar ticket. Then there was the actual show.

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