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New track from Independents Day performers The George Elliot Underground

What to do when your singer is proudly serving his country in Afghanistan and your band has a sweet gig at the Independents Day festival – you turn it into karaoke and invite your pals to fill in.

The George Elliot Underground is playing at 7:30pm, Saturday, on the Athens Business Remixed Stage. Filling in for the deployed Hank Zaborniak will be Jeremy Fina, Dennis Tanner, Sammy Dodge, Kevin Collins, Nathan Photos and James Allison

Just in time for the festival, GEU has released a new song which you can grab … FOR FREE … from Bandcamp.com. I’ve been catching up on Sons of Anarchy on Netflix and GEU’s “Death by Baptism” sounds like it belongs on SOA’s soundtrack. Dig it!