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MP3: Indians – “I Am Haunted”

MP3: I Am Haunted

A few months ago, we posted a track from Copenhagen-based Indians, the moniker of one seemingly singularly-named man, Soren. This second (self-recorded, released) single, “I Am Haunted” was described to his mailing list as “Every thing is possible, or maybe too late? A stream of haunted words is floating in a universe of hope…. This is a story about a man haunted by his own thoughts, and a message to the girl that left him…but does she get the message?”

Soft and forlorn, it’s a dreamy haze of a tune with some pleasant tones that does seem to be channeling some inner turmoil, love lost or the like.

Indians will be making his way stateside again this month to play a show in NYC at Glasslands on 7/26.

MP3: Indians – “Magic Kids”

MP3: Indians – Magic kids

Check out this track from a guy in Copenhagen named Soren who goes by the Google-unfriendly moniker Indians. It’s a bedroom project all recorded by Indians, who will self-release the “Magic Kids” 7-inch to the world in less than a month. Along with Sinkane’s funktastic “Runnin,'” this single is one of the most memorable I’ve heard this year, a song of loss awash in tributaries of synth that gradually become an ocean, then just as gradually drift away.

Indians’ first show was just a few weeks ago, and Soren likes to make videos for his songs, such as the affecting video for “New,” the B-side to “Magic Kids”:
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