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Bunbury Festival featured artist: Sphynx

Sphynx performs on the BudLight stage at 12:45pm on
Friday, July 14

Sphynx is an Austin synth-pop-and-electronic trio that “recycles a bit of history and puts a bit of soul to their songs” and has opened for acts such as Wavves, Maps and Atlases, Holy Fuck, White Denim, Peelander-Z, and The Octopus Project.

What does "bunbury" mean? (No cheating; give it your best guess)

I’m guessing it probably dates back to a time when Cincinnati was one of the the leading exporters of the pastry that we now know as the Honey Bun. The ‘Bunbury’ was probably a city wide festival that would celebrate the beginning of the holiday season during which the majority of the city’s pastries would be sold, putting food on the tables, presents under the christmas trees, and joy in the hearts of the people of Cincinnati. Just a guess though.

What are 3 facts that you know about Cincinnati?

I know there’s a really great festival that happens there (along with Bunbury), called Midpoint Music festival that I’ve been wanting to go to. Also, the Reds used to be called the Red Stockings back when socks were the best mascot anyone could think of. I also found out on Wikipedia that the town was originally called “Losantville,” a mash-up of four languages that translated to “the city opposite the mouth of the licking river.” My question is this; did the river lick you, or were you supposed to lick the river? And, where is the best place to lick/get licked by the river? We’ll look into that upon our arrival.

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