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Source Material for Current Indie Rock Trends: Female Sudanese Rap

M.I.A. boasts a miltant fashionista political agenda. It’s pretty cool but, after three records, the only things gathered from her guerrilla musical musings are an attachment to flashy neon clothing and marrying a rich dude. Historically, struggle has yielded a lot of creative and amazing art. A notable one being the Black American struggle which has lead to… well… The current state of the music. Watching a Sudanese woman rap “I want to sing for freedom/I want to sing for Love” in a thoub and dunks is incredible. We’ve come a long way. I guess some dope shit is surfacing out of the current state of affairs in Sudan.

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Source Material for Current Indie Rock Trends: Ayman Al-Rubo3

Duffy note: We’re really excited that Ahmed Gallab aka Sinkane aka currently performing with Yeasayer aka the coolest dude you’ll never be is going to be blogging for us.

I’ve posted one of these videos before on the Sinkane blog but I think it deserves another post.

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