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DW Recommends: Take Back the Night

Jamie Foxx Covering Phil Collins “I Can Feel It (The Air Tonight)


Saying you are against rape is the most obvious thing on the planet.

It’s a given that half of the fun of sex is that someone wants to fuck you..right? And who wants to forcibly traumatize another human being during that process

So the problem is…why is our city the rape capital? I mean not even “murder capitals” like DC, Gary, Indiana, New Orleans or Detroit are competing with our cities men on this level of ineptness sexually.

So I sent an email to email OSU feminist group WARR and asked them why people mock & marginalize legitimate concerns about something few would advocate but is a consistent problem. Stephanie Diebold & Peggy Kittile were kind enough to answer my query about this in general, as well as the Tucker Max protest & today’s Take Back the Night March. (Click here for to view the flyer that has information on Take Back the Night)

ME:Is feminism a humanism?
WARR:While feminism could be considered a form of humanism, we do not use the term humanist. We feel that it obscures the people being oppressed and the people doing the oppressing.

I was milling around the other day, and found students protesting Tucker Max’s OSU appearence. What makes Tucker Max different other performers that OSU has brought her like, say, Ludacris. Ludacris on a song said “How you not gonna fuck. Bitch I’m me. The Goddamn reason you are in VIP”.
What are some of the things the make Tucker Max such an enemy?

It’s really hard to hold accountable every artist or speaker who contributes to rape culture and says hateful things about women. We’re so surrounded by it all the time that we would be spending all of our time protesting or planning protests if we even attempted it. One of the members of WARR brought our attention to Tucker Max’s visit during a WARR meeting, and as a group we looked through his writings and decided we needed to take action. We understand that he’s popular with many college students, but most of the people in WARR had never heard of him. It was almost just chance that we found out in time to put something together.

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