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Video: Aimee Mann – “Labrador”

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The new Aimee Mann video for “Labrador” was written & directed by Tom Scharpling and stars Jon Wurster and Jon Hamm (and, briefly, Ted Leo). It’s a good one.

Mann’s new album, Charmer, is out today. She’ll play the Capitol Theatre in Columbus on Nov. 8. Solo Ted Leo opens.

Kill Rock Stars’ Maggie Vail Starts CASH Music

Maggie Vail, a seventeen-year veteran of the off-kilt Kill Rock Stars imprint, has started CASH Music – a nonprofit organization that builds open source digital tools for musicians and labels (read Vail’s KRS departure press release here). Along with Co-Executive Director Jesse von Doom, the pair are “building a free and open platform that’s available to all artists, designed in partnership with the artists and labels who are members of our organization. What WordPress did for bloggers, we’re doing for musicians.”

CASH membership already includes Throwing Muses, Ted Leo, Xiu Xiu, Domino Recording Co, Frenchkiss Records, and more, so it looks like they’re off to a good start. The organization is raising funds via a Kickstarter campaign. Those who donate $10 or more before March 9 receive a digital compilation with exclusive tracks from Elliott Smith, Throwing Muses, Deerhunter, and more.

Video: Sharon Van Etten & Ted Leo “I Wanna Destroy You (Soft Boys Cover)”

Filmed on New Year’s Eve at Maxwell’s in Hoboken.

Photos: Ted Leo and Screaming Females at 4Knots Kick Off

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists kicked off Village Voice’s 4Knots Festival a week early Saturday at the South St Seaport. This free show also celebrated the ten year anniversary of Ted’s Tyranny of Distance. More details on that over here. Screaming Females opened the show.

Photos by Kiesha Jenkins-Duffy.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists at the 4Knots kickoff party

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists at the 4Knots kickoff party

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Low, Ted Leo (and more) Playing The AV Club’s Free Show During SXSW

The AV Club just posted details of their annual free show during SXSW. Always one of the best line ups every year.

It’s March Into Softness 2011, our free SXSW day party, slated for Friday, March 18 at the Mohawk. Here’s the lineup, designed for maximum aural satisfaction and assembled with great care with our co-presenters, Canvas Media and Flowerbooking:

Baths (5 p.m.)
Sharon Van Etten (4 p.m.)
Wye Oak (3 p.m.)
Ted Leo (solo) (2 p.m.)
Gentlemen Jesse And His Men (1 p.m.)
Small Sins (12 p.m.)

Low (5:15 p.m.)
Chikita Violenta (4:15 p.m.)
Maritime (3:15 p.m.)
An Horse (2:15 p.m.)
Tristen (1:15 p.m.)
No Joy (12:15 p.m.)

Plentiful (and hopefully free) libations and other party favors will be on hand as well; keep watching for updates on those, as well as the RSVP address which will allow you to gobble them all up. March Into Softness 2011: It’s free, it’s fun, and, more than likely, it won’t involve anyone getting smashed in the face with a can of Pepsi Max.

(thx Tom)

The New Pornographers Latest Video Features Every Comedian

…and Ted Leo in a dress.

Robert Duffy’s Favorite Albums of 2010

I had a foolish idea. In previous years, staff members of the site have posted their individual lists, writing about their favorite music of the year. This year I proposed the idea of keeping that tradition but also trying to pull together an official “Donewaiting.com’s Favorite Albums of 2010” list. Using some fancy math I figured we could come up with some sort of list. I mean, just about every publication does it so how hard could it be? Right…?

The biggest complaint I get about the site from people is that the music coverage is all over the place, in more ways than one. One week there’s nothing but Wilco or Times New Viking, the next week it’s all about hip hop. But while this is something some people find distracting, personally I love it. I love being surprised as to what the writers have posted on the site as much as you do. Sure, maybe we could spell check more or when we embed photos more than 1500 pixels wide for no good reason it calls for a heavy load time, but that’s just how we roll. As a famous man once told me, “My typos are a lifestyle choice.”

So after getting a few submissions from the staff, I realized that there was no good way to put all the lists together into one cohesive thing. Seriously, how do you compare Kriegshog to Kanye West? We’re still going to keep them separated because quite frankly each writer comes from such a unique perspective I can’t rank them in any way. So this is the beginning of the list parade. Hope you discover something new, or are maybe reminded about a record you meant to check out but forgot about.

So that brings us to my list, I guess. I typically keep a running list once it gets closer to the end of the year of what I really loved, and then I go to my iTunes and Last.fm libraries to see what I listened to the most…. to see, what the fuck did I even listen to this year in general? I’m getting old.

If I was being honest to myself and to you, the stuff I listened to the most this year was not music but comedy podcasts. WTF with Marc Maron twice a week, Comedy Death Ray, Ricky Gervais, etc etc. And as for live shows, I’ve seen Eugene Mirman perform more times than any other band this year… It helps that he does a somewhat weekly show in my neighborhood, but you see where I’m going with this. Maybe I should be writing for The Laugh Button.

But, music! I still love music. This blog is turning eight years old in a few weeks, I must still love music… Right?????????? Am I writing this list to talk myself into the fact that I still love music? I don’t know. No, I do love music. CANT WAIT TO SEE THE DECEMBERISTS ON MY BIRTHDAY NEXT MONTH… But seriously, I have slowed down a bit on musical discovery and have circled the wagons on albums that I really love… The idea of retaining lyrics, song titles and even melody is a novelty post-MP3 but I would love to start remembering the names of songs without having to use the Shazam iPhone App. The hard drive in my brain is getting full, and I need to make some decisions on how I approach music. If you try hard, you CAN listen to albums during your day to day that haven’t officially been released yet. (That sentence would have confused a lot more people even just three years ago).

2010 was a goddamned great year for music. Here’s my list.

#10 Grinderman, Grinderman 2
Watch: Worm Tamer

If I were 10% of the man that Nick Cave is, I would be a total badass. Right now I’m at about 0.0004 Cave, but I keep hoping that I can pull it off one day.

#9 Sharon Van Etten, Epic
MP3: Love More

This album lives up to its one word title. Simple, raw, and powerful, the record may only be 7 songs but you will hit replay till it bleeds. Continue reading

New Ted Leo Video Directed by Tom Scharpling Features Paul F Thompkins, John Hodgman, and Even My Wife!

Super cool to see my wife get shown twice in the audience shots of the new Ted Leo and the Pharmacists video.

Photos: Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Tin Armor in Columbus

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
Skully’s I Columbus, OH
July 10, 2010

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Video: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – “The Mighty Sparrow”

Everybody Wants to Rule the World  by  tedleo