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EYE – “Center of the Sun”

A long time coming, Columbus stoner/psych/prog/doom mystical soothsayers EYE are proud to present “Center of the Sun” and whooooo boy it’s a doozy. A serious brain melter if you will. Undoubtedly one of the most solid Columbus releases of the year if not ROTY period.

Download/Stream here

From bandcamp:

All proceeds from digital downloads will go to pressing a limited run of CD’s: Hand printed covers (current digital cover is only temporary) and hand numbered.

If you would like to download the album for free, please do. We only ask that if you enjoy it, share it with other music lovers. Continue reading

Weakened Wrap-up #19: Keep it 666 (Scion Rock Fest Edition)

Pictured: Pelican Live at the Scion Rock Fest (Skully’s)

Lateness disclosure: I didn’t wanna mess with Texas

O.K, O.K I think I’m finally over that saddy sad seasonal affective disorder nonsense and I’m super stoked for life all over again (oh man) and boy howdy, the Scion Rock Fest was the bee’s knees AND the cat’s pajamas no shit. I’ve also been speaking more freely and talking to anyone who will listen. It’s basically like listening to a live stream of my brain (stuttering=buffering). Seriously though, it was really fucking cool and I totally had a blast.

Vice and Scion did a rad job with this and it really did go off without a hitch. It was awesome to see the Short North crawling with stoked metal dudes. My only gripe really was that it wasn’t all in one spot, but that’s really here nor there because the way it was set up totally worked. You know the drill—–> Continue reading