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Video: The Black Swans – “Windshield Wipers”

The Black Swans Update: Brooklyn, Spain, Portugal, Kickstarter

The Black Swans‘ new album is coming out digitally and CD via Misra Records this spring. They’re trying to raise the money to release the album out on vinyl using Kickstarter. They’re almost at the halfway point and you can help push it to its goal here.

The band is in Brooklyn tonight (Zebulon) and tomorrow (Union Hall) and then head off to Spain and Portugal. Continue reading

Misra Records relaunches, releases free, artist-curated “Legacy Compilation”

Download: Misra Legacy Compilation Volume I (zip)

This new Misra re-launch and compilation is a fitting bookend to some recent Columbus news. So, Lydia Loveless is now on Bloodshot. Bloodshot is now the distributor for Misra Records. Misra Records’ first signing is the Black Swans, whose new record Don’t Blame the Stars will be out in the spring. And the newly relaunched label is now artist-run, managed by Leo Deluca, drummer for Athens folk-rockers Southeast Engine.


Here’s the full press release and track listing for that free, artist-curated compilation, which includes previously unreleased tunes from Southeast Engine (“New Growth”) and the Black Swans (“I Forgot to Change the Windshield Wipers in My Mind”) from both bands’ upcoming releases: Continue reading

The Black Swans on Tour, New Album on MISRA, Twitter

The Black Swans have a new tour, a new album, and a new web presence. You can download all their albums on Bandcamp. See some videos on Youtube. Be their friend. And finally, something I’ve been begging Jerry to do for some time: The Black Swans are on Twitter.

The band’s new album, Don’t Blame the Stars, comes out April 26 on MISRA. Keep reading for tour dates. Continue reading

Adriana Mundy’s Favorite Albums of 2010

It is indeed that time of year. Well, yes, it is late December aka Christmas/New Years time. However, when most people are trimming trees, dusting off their John Denver and the Muppets Christmas albums and throwing back some egg nog, music addicts/geeks alike are perusing every “Best of 2010” list they can find on the world wide web. That being said…

Two-thousand and ten was quite a whirlwind year for me. I became part of this brilliant music blog, had a crash course in promoting shows and met some pretty special people along the way. It’s safe to say the music released this year all served as an applicable soundtrack as it felt like new albums came out faster than I could digest them.

If you’ve read most of my posts, it’s apparent that I enjoy reporting on international acts that I feel deserve American attention (and also since the rest of the Donewaiting staff do such a stellar job of keeping up on everything).

On top of national and international releases, Columbus’s scene has also kept quite busy this year. Without further ado, here’s my 2010 list:

1. Efterklang, Magic Chairs
Watch: Modern Drift

Reasons why Denmark rules: 1. Efterklang 2.Christiania 3. Legoland

2. Finders Keepers CompilationPomegranates
MP3:Zia: “Helelyos”

Who can resist some 60’s Persian Pop/Funk/Psych?

3. Cate Le Bon, Me Oh My
Watch: Shoeing the Bones

Honestly didn’t know much about Cate before interviewing her earlier this year, now I can’t stop listening to her. (Oh, and this video is really wonderfully weird.) Continue reading

Posters: This weekend in Columbus

Lots of shows, lots of posters:

More info

Continue reading

Video: The Black Swans – “Don’t Blame the Stars” (live)

Nice video of a stripped-down Black Swans performing unreleased track “Don’t Blame the Stars” at Spoonful Records, a new record store in downtown Columbus (insert most recent “Vinyl makes a comeback!” newspaper story here).

Black Swans & Bonnie “Prince” Billy cover Larry Jon Wilson on split 7″

Many are still mourning the passing of immensely talented and woefully overlooked country singer Larry Jon Wilson. But to celebrate his music, Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Columbus’s the Black Swans “Sing Larry Jon Wilson” on this new Drag City seven-inch. The Bonnie Prince, with some help from Cheyenne Mize, tackles “Bertrand My Son” off Wilson’s 1975 Monument Records debut New Beginnings. Jerry DeCicca, who produced LJW’s self-titled “comeback” album released on Drag City last year (my fav of ’09), enlisted his Black Swans to do “The Man I Wish For You,” an unreleased song that DeCicca says he found “rotting away on a reel-to-reel in the EMI basement in Nashville.” (Drummer/Orchestraville alum Keith Hanlon recorded the session at the Grandview Heights Public Library.)

LJW is a particularly difficult artist to cover. His rich, Georgia baritone and singular guitar style gave all his songs an inimitable feel, and any songs he covered became Wilsonized so much that you’d think they were his songs all along. These two tracks succeed in much the same way while still paying homage and communicating a reverence to a man DeCicca and Oldham revered.

Artwork was screenprinted by Nick Nocera of Alison Rose. In Columbus, you can find several copies for $7 apiece at Yeah, Me Too coffee in Clintonville; the rest of the world will have to wait till Sept. 21 when Drag City will exclusively handle distro.

Long live Larry Jon Wilson.

Black Swans: Album out today, “Rooster” MP3 premiere, “Language Tenor” video

MP3: Rooster

It’s April 27, which means The Black Swans new St. Ives LP/digital album, Words Are Stupid, is out. I’ve been talking up the album for a while, so it’s time to get a little taste. Download “Rooster,” which is the third track on side 1 and the song that will forever be known as “the one where Jerry crows.” You can pick up the vinyl locally at Used Kids and Lost Weekend or order online here, but if you have your heart set on vinyl, know that they only pressed 200. Cock-a-doodle-doo.

Lastly, that’s the video for “Language Tenor” — track 2, the yin to Rooster’s yang.

Video: The Black Swans’ “Rooster” live at WFMU

YouTube Preview Image

“Rooster” is one of the more lighthearted tunes off Words Are Stupid (4/27 on St. Ives), an album that’s equal parts light (lots of kazoo & animal noises) and dark (Jerry DeCicca’s trademark gloom and some downright eerie guitar lines from Chris Forbes).