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Friday in Columbus: Moon High, Black Swans, Vug and the Stallions (+ new Moon High MP3)


MP3: Moon High – Smoke Before My Eyes

The music of mellow Columbus folksters Moon High is as warm and peaceful as those glowing orbs the band brings along to their shows. (And any extra warmth will be welcome on Friday night…) This new track follows in the same mold as Moon High’s self-titled debut, but more layered/textured, more prominent female harmony, etc. Good stuff. “Smoke Before My Eyes” and another track, “On and On,” will be on a new 7″ due out in the coming months from Akron’s Smoke Signals (Main St. Gospel, Buffalo Killers).

You can also catch Moon High and The Black Swans (plus Vetiver and the Super Desserts) next Saturday (1/16) for the Ohio Winter Folk Festival at Stuart’s Opera House in Nelsonville, Ohio.

New Black Swans album out April 27 on St. Ives/Secretly Canadian

Black Swans- corn field1

The Black Swans‘ first full-length since 2007, titled Words Are Stupid, will be out on Secretly Canadian sub-label St. Ives on March 30 in early April April 27. Singer Jerry DeCicca says it’s an album about “how language lets us down, fails us…. I make animal noises on several tracks. It is funny, weird, dark.”

It’ll be a digital release, plus 200 limited-edition LPs. Says DeCicca, “There will be 200 different photos in silk-screened covers for the album art. Each photo is of the Black Swans holding a painting of a rooster (“Rooster” is one of the songs) in the concrete field of corn in Dublin, Ohio.”

As you already know, Black Swans violinist Noel Sayre died tragically in a swimming pool accident in 2008, but you’ll still hear Sayre on this record. Jerry again: “Noel has some violin and guitar and kazoo on it, even though we began recording it almost a year after he died. We Tupac-ed him, finding stray sounds on his computer and 4-track, and even an old tape of him trying out a microphone with a tango drum machine sample from 8 years ago that we built a whole song around.”

Another completed Black Swans album, Don’t Blame the Stars, doesn’t have a label yet, but the band hopes to release it in 2010, as well.

The Black Swans: Phoning It In (2007)

From the Free Music Archive:

Jerry DeCicca, Canaan Faulkner, and Noel Sayre (R.I.P 1971-2008) phone it in from Oblenus Hall, Mod 3A, Room 322, at Ohio University in Athens, OH, with special guest Jonathan Blaine on electric guitar. Each half of OH/WV’s Black Swans drove an hour-and-a-half to get to Athens, recruited a student (Jon) at the music department, and then high-jacked a dorm room. Fans of Dylan, Cohen, and especially Arab Strap take note. One of our best shows yet!

Even more Friday (8/14) stuff: Brian Harnetty, Wing & Tusk, Monolithic Cloud Parade

Three Columbus bands are playing album-release shows on Friday night, and they’re all worth mentioning/attending.
At the Rumba Cafe, Brian Harnetty will be releasing Silent City, his second album for Chicago’s Atavistic Records. This one again finds Harnetty mining the treasures he collected from the Berea College Appalachian Sound Archives, but this time Harnetty’s instrumentation (accordion, bells, etc.) sets the tone for the songs. And floating above three of the tracks are the vocals of Bonnie “Prince” Billy. It’s Harnetty’s best work yet.

Harnetty rarely plays live, so catch him when you can. The Black Swans and Super Desserts open the show.

mp3: Brian Harnetty – Sleeping in the Driveway
mp3: Brian Harnetty – Silent City

Here’s how Monolithic Cloud Parade describes the concept behind its debut: “The album tells the story of a pack of turn-of-the-century carnival freak show children with wolf heads who escape their wagon train in a deadly accident one night and head off into the forest to fend for themselves, where they are confronted with fears both real and imaginary.” If you like Neutral Milk Hotel, you’ll dig these guys. Corey Fry has created an ambitious, lo-fi concept album that succeeds much of the time, bizarro storyline and all. Not bad for a guy who couldn’t even play an instrument a couple years ago.

MCP’s record release is at the Scarlet and Grey Cafe with The Lost Revival and Darynyck. It’ll also serve as Darynyck’s farewell show.

mp3: Monolithic Cloud Parade – Airplanes Full of Flames

Another debut concept album, Wing & Tusk’s The Secret of Toadflax Tea tells a story from three different viewpoints: an old monk, a young monk and a doctor, all of whom are on a European island stricken with the black plague, for which the only cure is a drink called Toadflax Tea. But that cure is known only to the monks… Betrayal, murder and heroism ensue.

Along with Harnetty’s Silent City, this is one of my favorite Columbus releases of the year so far. Singer Josh Rea reminds me a lot of David Bazan, a good thing in my book. Wing & tusk takes its folk-rock foundation and builds on it till it reaches the ether, adding strings, horns, beautiful harmonies and such along with way. Epic stuff.

mp3: Wing & Tusk – Home, Sick Home

Concert posters after the jump. Wing & Tusk’s is particularly cool/creepy.
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The Black Swans’ 7″ Release in Columbus Saturday


Sunken Treasure Records, the small companion record label of donewaiting.com, released a beautiful, limited split 7″ featuring The Black Swans and Alina Simone. Jerry (pictured above) was finally able to schedule a release show in Columbus, and it’s happening tomorrow at the Treehouse. Parker Paul and Hal Hixon open up the show.

It’s always exciting to work with friends to put out records, especially when they’re personal projects like this. Nicholas Nocera from Alison Rose, designed the artwork and hand screen printed the artwork.

Stream the songs over at MBV Music.

The Black Swans on WFMU

Here’s a video of The Black Swans performing the song from their new 7″ at WFMU. An entire set will be available soon.

Stream The Black Swans / Alina Simone 7″ (or win it)

light table

This will be our last post about the release for awhile. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of two sweet things:

1. We’ve premiered the two songs over on MBV where you can stream them right now. If you’ve never been to MBV, it’s sort of a super site of several blogs including personal favorites like Chromewaves, Catbird, and Largehearted Boy.

2. Speaking of Largehearted Boy, you can head over there to try to win a copy of the record as well as a bunch of other releases from the two bands. It’s a pretty dope contest.

The Black Swans / Alina Simone split 7″ Red Vinyl Presale

Sunken Treasure Records is an offshoot of donewaiting.com. We’ve been releasing albums for a long time, but this is our first vinyl release.

The official release date is 5/19. Edition of 500. We’re doing a pre-order for 50 of the red vinyl (the bands have the other 50). We’ve got two options:

#1. $5 + $.250 shipping week of 5/19.
#2. (For Columbus Ohio Area Residents) $5 and pick up at Lost Weekend Records (2960 N High St) around 5/19. You don’t have to pay for shipping!

Click here for ordering instructions. It features hand screenprinted packaging by Alison Rose and a code to download the songs as MP3s.

The Black Swans and Alina Simone will be performing together in NYC on 5/21 to celebrate the release. The next day The Black Swans are playing Brooklyn with Essie Jain.

5/21 Union Hall Alina Simone/Black Swans – Brooklyn, New York
5/22 Bruar Falls Essie Jain/Black Swans – Brooklyn, New York
6/13 Treehouse Black Swans/Parker Paul – Columbus, Ohio


Download Entire Sunken Treasure Catalog For Free + 2009 Plans

Sunken Treasure Records is our small companion record label to donewaiting.com. We’ve released a bunch of albums over the course of the last few years, and we’ve decided to make all of them available as a free download for the rest of December. Click here to see what we got and get downloading. You’ll find the latest releases from Megan Palmer, Miranda Sound, Eric Metronome, and The Evil Queens as well as the first album by The Celebrity Pilots.

We’ve also announced our next releases for 2009. ur first release next year will be a split seven inch vinyl release featuring Columbus’ The Black Swans and Brooklyn’s Alina Simone. Both songs are beautiful and heartbreaking, and you’ll surely want it in your collection. Expect that in the Feb/March timeframe.

We also plan to work with Eve Searls, aka Bird and Flower, on the release of her debut album. I’ve been a fan of Eve since she first popped up on the scene and her first effort is fabulous. This will happen sometime in April/May (which will be here before you know it…)

More to come, including some Megan Palmer vinyl, and maybe a few more tricks up our sleeves. Happy holidays!

Tonight in Columbus: Matt Bauer

Tonight at Cafe Bourbon St, singer/songwriter Matt Baur is playing with The Black Swans and Time and Temperature. Should be a great evening of autumn music.

Here’s some Bauer music/video to get you prepared. Full show details here.

MP3: As She Came out of the Water