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The Kyle Sowashes, “Yeah Buddy”

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With the exception of the forthcoming debut by Lydia Loveless, there isn’t another local release that I’ve been anticipating more than The Kyle SowashesYeah Buddy. I was tempted to call Kyle the “everyman of Columbus indie rock” – he plays the part perfectly, from the look (scruffy beard, glasses) to the sounds he creates (think 1991 Chapel Hill, North Carolina). But Kyle is anything but the everyman. Guys like Kyle aren’t truly appreciated until after they’ve left a scene, either by finally throwing in the towel or picking up stakes and moving on to the next opportunity in another city. Kyle is a die-hard supporter of the Columbus music scene, you’ll find him out and about taking in the sights and sounds of what this city has to offer musically. And if you hear about a great show coming to town, your first thought should be “I wonder if Kyle helped book this?” as he’s brought some of indie rock’s elite to town over the past few years (Eric Bachmann, Adam Franklin, Karl Hendrix Trio, etc.).

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