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MP3: The Regionals – “Run”

MP3: The Regionals – Run

A couple of months ago we alerted you to a new band, The Regionals, and praised their debut show, saying it was “rough around the edges in a good, Pavement/GBV way” and that it reminded us of “early Death Cab, before they got all tender and started to suck.” Well, now we have the first recorded material from the band. Check out first single “Run,” recorded by Keith Hanlon (The Black Swans, Orchestraville, Scioto Records), one of 12 tunes on the band’s coming debut.

Catch the Regionals this Saturday (7/10) at vegan eatery Hal & Al’s with Todd May’s Mooncussers. Maybe May and former bandmate/current Regionals singer Jason Gonzalez will play a couple of Lilybandits tunes, too? Just for old-times’ sake?

New band alert: The Regionals

After writing songs and tinkering with them in basements for a while, The Regionals emerged from below ground to debut their material at the Rumba last month, and it was probably the best first show I’ve seen. And when it was rough around the edges, it was rough in a good, Pavement/GBV way. Fellow Donewaiting staffer Mr. Chenoweth was in attendance, as well, and remarked that the band “reminded me of early Death Cab, before they got all tender and started to suck.”

You may recognize the guy on the left in the picture up there from his days in The Lilybandits. Back then people called him Jose, but he now goes by Jason Gonzalez and handles vocals & guitar. Kevin Sturdevant, from Youngstown, used to be in The Champions of All Time and plays bass. Rounding out the lineup is Jason Hambach on guitar and Paul F. Meeker on drums.

The Regionals are currently recording their first album with Keith Hanlon (Black Swans, Orchestraville). Keep your ear out..

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Video: The Mooncussers – “Lowlight”

YouTube Preview Image

This went out yesterday, a new video from Columbus band The Mooncussers, fronted by ex-Lilybandit Todd May. It’s off the band’s EP, Demo, available here for free. MOKB liked it. Reaction among Donewaiting staffers has been, well, mixed:

“I kinda like the Mooncussers EP, but thinking this video is shoddy/corny”

“that video is horrible also, so is the song”

“not their best, but it’s what they got so far”

“The video’s appeal is that it has a hooker in it and is filmed in a really low-grain. raw reality way. The intro almost looks like a juxtaposition between noire starlet/camera phone picture and an electraplay session. i’ve seen worse things on the net. of course perhaps maybe i was looking at the hooker before i knew she was a hooker.”

“the casting in this video is all wrong….If Crow Ontologica had played the hooker, it would be gold.”

“Dang. I like these guys, I like the song, but the video … um …”

So… whatchu think?