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Friday: Bonnie “Prince” Billy @ Wexner Center

promo for live bpb january

Will Oldham is coming to town as Bonnie “Prince” Billy, accompanied by players from his Chijimi EP: Cheyenne Marie Mize and Emmett Kelly. It’s a special performance — just one of three on this mini tour — that will likely incorporate a fair amount of songs the trio played at a sacred music festival in Milan.

To read more about the show, as well as BPB’s upcoming Everly Brothers covers record with Dawn McCarthy, check out my preview in the penultimate issue of The Other Paper. Deville also typed up his conversation with Oldham, and the Wexner leaped outside the box and had Oldham and Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams interview each other.

Breaking: Dispatch to cease publication of The Other Paper at the end of January

Not to overload you guys with death news, but the Dispatch Printing Company (parent company of the Columbus Dispatch) announced today that after this month it will cease publication of The Other Paper, which it acquired in the sale of American Community Newspapers back in 2011. Four more issues, then that’s it. Here’s the full release

Columbus, Ohio (January 4, 2013) – The Dispatch Printing Company announced today that it will cease publication of The Other Paper at the end of the current month. The last issue is set for distribution on Thursday, January 31, 2013.

The Other Paper was one of the Central Ohio media properties acquired in September, 2011 from American Community Newspapers. It became a second free-distribution entertainment weekly publication for The Dispatch Printing Company which already had Alive! in its portfolio of products.

“In viewing the research of who reads the two publications, and after hearing from the local advertising community, it became more and more obvious that one publication would better serve our readers and advertisers,” said Michael Fiorile, President and Chief Operating Officer of The Dispatch Printing Co.

Reader feedback indicated that The Other Paper and alive! had too much overlap between the two publications. Advertiser feedback indicated the two publications didn’t have enough differentiation in their audiences. Alive! was judged the stronger brand which led to the final decision.

This decision will allow more focus and resources to be directed toward alive! in 2013 which serves readers and advertisers in the very best way.

All media inquiries should be directed to Phil Pikelny, VP-Dispatch Digital and Chief Marketing Officer at (614) 461-5222 or ppikelny@dispatch.com

It’s sad news, and it stings, given that TOP was voted Ohio’s best alternative weekly by the Cleveland Press Club in 2011 and 2012. …I’ll probably have more to say later.

Tonight in Columbus: Soul Khan @ Double Happiness

YouTube Preview Image

Brooklyn Rapper Soul Khan will play at Double Happiness this evening in support of his latest EP, Wellstone. The video for the title track above depicts Soul Khan as a homeless War Vet. If you are starved for socially conscious Hip Hop please do not sleep on Soul Khan.

I wrote about Soul Khan’s latest in the Other Paper this week below is an except

He recently released the Wellstone EP, his fourth, which was named after the late Sen. Paul Wellstone from Minnesota. Khan said he chose the name because Wellstone “was in his time, and by today’s standards and yesterday’s standards, one of the most progressive members of Congress.”

“He always fought for his convictions,” said Khan, “and that was what the EP is about, my convictions.”
Speaking of convictions, Khan isn’t afraid to talk about his. A look at his Twitter and YouTube posts reveals that he’s spoken out against, among other things, GOP-led moves to require voter IDs at the polls.
“The incidents of prosecuted, let alone reported, voter fraud are actually statistically insignificant,” he said. “Any attempt by election officials in any way to constrain when or where someone can vote is usually done for political means and not to actually protect the integrity of voting.”
He added that he felt such moves are attempts to discourage potential Obama voters from turning out.
Khan may have inherited his interest in politics, having been raised in California by the daughter of left-leaning labor organizers. He ended up in Brooklyn, where he worked at the now-defunct underground hip-hop haven Fat Beats Records after attending Bard College in Hudson, N.Y.

To download Soul Khan’s Wellstone EP visit Soul Khan.com.

Soul Khan @ Double Happiness is $8.00 at the door. Doors are @ 7 pm.

Bill Fox reveals new album details in interview

Bill Fox at the Treehouse, July 2010

Bill Fox — he of Cleveland’s The Mice, subject of Joe Hagan’s 2007 legend-establishing piece in The Believer and an Overlooked in Ohio alum — hasn’t released any new music since his two decade-old solo albums, Transit Byzantium and Shelter from the Smoke (the latter of which was reissued on vinyl in 2009 by Robert Griffin‘s Scat Records.) Nor has Fox granted an interview in years.

So I didn’t expect much more than a polite decline when I contacted Fox about his upcoming Columbus show on Saturday (details below). To my surprise, he emailed responses to some questions and revealed a new album coming in January:

As far as new material is concerned, there will indeed be an album released in January. The record is titled One Thought Revealed and will appear on Jar Note Records, a label which is being created by [friend and manager] Tim Rossiter. The CD was recorded autumn 2009 into last year with a couple of tracks written right around that time, a couple others around the millennium’s turn and several more 2006/2007, to the best of my recollect.

Read the full interview over at The Other Paper, where Fox also talks about Nada Surf’s cover of “Electrocution” and his song “Men Who are Guilty of Crimes,” which soundtracks a recent Occupy Wall Street video by ex-Clevelander Michael Nigro.

Bill Fox will play Cafe Bourbon St. (2216 Summit St.) Saturday (11/5) alongside acoustic sets from Jim McKeivier and Marcy Mays (Scrawl). Doors at 9 p.m. Cover: $6.

Illogic & Walter Rocktight “Year 8076”

In this weeks The Other Paper there is an article on Walter Rocktight about Year 8076, an album he did with Illogic about 9 years ago but that never saw the light of day until this Tuesday.
Please do not sleep on this one. Year 8076 is a lost Columbus classic.
Makes you wonder how Columbus Hip Hop would be different if this would’ve come out on Rhymesayers Entertainment.
It didn’t and Walter Rockight is still one most slept on producers in Ohio.
Read the story behind the Year 8076 here.
Acquire Year 8076 free on Illogic’s Bandcamp here.

Video: ZeroStar feat Maggz “Bonus Track”

YouTube Preview Image

In last week’s the Other Paper, I wrote about an emcee battle that Zero Star brought here. Well,  above is a video provided by HU.Media that contains no battling.

But you will see rappers, a Homage t-shirt and Carabar.

If you like this song, then head over to Zero Star’s Bandcamp and check out Don’t Look Now. It’s the ep that this bonus track is on.

Waka Flocka Flame Interviews Tyler the Creator

Last year, I interviewed Waka Flocka Flame. I told him that punk rock and metal kids love his music because its rowdy-as fuck.

And I asked him if he fucks with punk or metal

This year Odd Future blew the fuck up because of the same sentiment. I think Tyler’s record Goblin is damn near 100,000 on an indie(bout it like Master P in ’96 indeed). Mellowhype’s reissue on Fat Possum of Blackendedwhite broke the Billboard Top 100. Breakin’ the Rules is cool again.

So I am really stoked that Interview Magazine had Waka Flocka Flame interview Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator.

In this excerpt Waka Flocka asks Tyler, the Creator if he considers himself punk rock or metal:

FLAME: So would you describe Odd Future as a hip-hop heavy-metal group? Or a punk-rock rap group? How do you describe what you and your crew do?

TYLER: I don’t like either description. I don’t like being put in a box. I just make music, you know? When you’re put in a box, people have a set mind-state of what your music could sound like before they even look into it. Like, if no one ever heard of me, but I’m hip-hop-metal-rock, then they’re already gonna have an expectation of what the music will sound like. Then, when they go in and finally listen to it, it might be different from what they thought, and they could automatically hate it because they already had expectations.

FLAME: I dig it. You gotta create your own genre.

TYLER: Yeah.

FLAME: So what inspires y’all then?

TYLER: When I’m on stage, it’s, like, Ian Curtis and Sid Vicious—like, real punk rock and shit. I’m like a big 10-year-old when I’m on stage. I just go up there and do whatever I think is cool at the moment. And then, when it comes to rappin’, I like watchin’ a lot of cartoons and movies and shit. Usually, when I’m rappin’, I’m creating a big story or a concept song that sounds like a movie to me.

Read the whole Interview here.

Read my review of a Waka Flocka Flame show in the Other Paper too while your are at it!

MP3: P. Blackk feat. Raz Fresco “EAZY”


In this week’s The Other Paper, we reviewed Summer Jam 614, which is a Columbus Hip Hop Showcase. I mentioned that P. Blackk was one of the highlights of the stellar event.

Above is a new song, Eazy, that P.Blackk did with Canuck Raz Fresco.

Saturday In Columbus: PicturePlane, Gatekeeper & More at the Into the Dark Music Festival @ Double Happiness

In this week’s the Other Paper I wrote about Double Happiness, a new venue in the Brewery District owned by Yalan Papillons and her family.

Yalan booked Santo’s Party House, the Knitting Factory, Europa, and Studio B in New York before moving back to Columbus.

In that article, I discussed this venue’s capability to bring unique events to our city.
Well, tomorrow is a good example of next level ish that could happen if the support is here..

Scott Niemet’s KVLT Party is throwing a day-long ALL-Ages festival in and outdoors at Double Happiness, Saturday July 30th. Elite national electronic acts like like PicturePlane, Gatekeeper, Teengirl Fantasy, join locals like Funerals for this special event.

Tickets are 10 in advance. 15 at the Door. Starts at 5pm.
Double Happiness is located at 482 S Front St, Columbus, OH 43215-5627
For Full-line-up and more info visit, Into the Dark Fest’s Facebook Page.

Wonderland abandoning Wonder Bread factory

The Other Paper is reporting that Wonderland’s plan to turn the old Wonder Bread factory into a mixed-use creative space isn’t happening:

Wonderland’s ambitious plan to transform the site of Columbus’s old Wonder Bread factory into a mixed-use Mecca for artists and musicians won’t come to fruition.

That’s according to an email that Wonderland executive director Adam Brouillette sent to supporters — that was then leaked to The Other Paper Wednesday afternoon.

In a story published Feb. 24, Brouillette told TOP: “We’re trying to …drive home the point that Wonderland is a concept,” adding, “If the building goes away, the project doesn’t go away.”

Wonderland changed the address listed on its Facebook page Wednesday from the former Wonder Bread factory (697 N. Fourth St.) to 851 N. Pearl St. — the current address of the rent-a-desk co-working community, Sandbox.