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Video: Brian Harnetty – Some Glad Day

Columbus musician Brian Harnetty‘s collaboration with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Silent City, saw its European release last month, and it’s getting some good press over there. Seems like a good time to remind everyone about this overlooked gem. It’s an album well-suited to the fall and winter months, I think. Earlier this year Harnetty told me a little about his vision for the record (a vision that jibes pretty well with the “Some Glad Day” video below):

I wanted all these things to be around almost like a mythologized small town. I had this vision in my mind of being late at night and you’re in an old dive bar, and it’s between being awake and being asleep. You’re tired, but at the same time, you’re observing, and it’s simple but pretty extraordinary, too. So it’s got this laconic or sloshy feel to it. The beats don’t quite match up. But underneath that sleepy surface, there’s some other things that are happening, structurally, rhythmically, all these little things.

MP3: Brian Harnetty – Silent City

NYC folks can catch Harnetty at The Stone on Nov. 18 at 10 pm with Maria Chavez and Zeena Parkins (8 pm). Silent City is out in the U.S. on Atavistic.