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Fanfarlo announces Columbus date + SXSW

YouTube Preview Image
MP3: Harold T. Wilkins or How to Wait for a Very Long Time

My own involvement with BenCo aside, I’m thrilled to announce that Fanfarlo will be coming to town to play The Summit on April 1st with Lawrence Arabia and Robert Francis supporting. (My previous thoughts on Fanfarlo here.)

From the press release:

Acclaimed U.K. five-piece Fanfarlo have announced more North American headlining dates for March and April with Lawrence Arabia and Robert Francis as support. The band whom are just finishing up a string of European headline shows will be back in America next week to make their national television debut on the Late Show with David Letterman Monday, February 15th.

Tickets go on sale Saturday. All tour dates, including SXSW appearances, after the jump. Continue reading

Prefuse 73/Gaslamp Killer in 1/22 Columbus Show Review

Atown’s/Spain’s Prefuse 73 thanked the crowd with humility after the end of his set because he was overwhelmed by the positive crowd response.
I’m not gonna lie, I’ve never listened to Prefuse in my life aside from when he played with Edan at the Wex but I did enjoy the soft toned layers of sound over the live drums.
It had a very earthy warmth to it…. like being at a cave near a beach with water trickling in.

I think his performance was more refined than the opener that I came to see, the Muthafucking Gaslamp Killer. Continue reading

Donewaiting.com Presents Prefuse 73 Jan 22 at the Summit in Columbus with Gaslamp Killer and Voices Voices

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Prefuse 73

Continuing our promotions of critically acclaimed trip-hop, glitch are whatever one calls it these days, Donewaiting graciously presents along with Benco, Prefuse 73 at the Summit, Jan 22nd. I saw Prefuse a few years ago at Wexner Center when he played there with Edan. He had two drummers and it was pretty intense. Anyway the above is video of one of Prefuse’s “hits” Perverted Undertones.

While its pretty rad that Prefuse is playing in town, I’m dumb excited about seeing the Muthafuckin Gaslamp Killer. A producer/dj from LA that goes everywhere from dubstep, to psychedelic breakbeats. And does it all in fun. Dood keeps company with Andy Votel’s B-Music company, and Flying Lotus.

Flying Lotus had Gaslamp do a best of Lotus mix last month. You can download it on Flying Lotus’ website, Brainfeeder. And Votel had Gaslamp do a mix for Finder’s Keepers.

On some record digger, dj and glitch producer tip, thats pretty much royalty co-signs.

Watch the trailer for “My Troubled Mind” below.

YouTube Preview Image

Gaslamp Killer

Voices Voices is also on the bill.

Thursday @ The Summit: Pelican / Black Cobra / Disappear / Brainbow

I always find instrumental rock hard to describe. If Sunny Day Real Estate’s Jeremy Enigk fronted Pelican, I’d say their style lends itself to the emo genre. Likewise, if the Deftones Chino Moreno lent his screaming pipes to this four piece, I’d be inclined to call them a post-metal band (or something like that). It wasn’t until track 7 (“Final Breath”) of Pelican’s latest album, What We All Come to Need, that everything fell into place for me and I was finally able to categorize Pelican’s music (at least in my own head).

Featuring guest vocals by Allen Epley (Shiner, The Life and Times), “Final Breath” swims in the same alternative space/rock pool as the since-departed Failure did back in the mid-to-late ’90s. I have a feeling that if Epley or Ken Andrews (Failure) fronted Pelican full time, they’d quickly become one of my favorite bands.

Pelican’s one and only Ohio show takes place Thursday night in Columbus at The Summit. But wait, there’s more. For $13 not only do you get a performance by Pelican, but we’ll throw in sets by metal kids Black Cobra, the post-hardcore Boston band Disappearer, and Columbus’s very own favorite instrumental band Brainbow. You won’t find a better deal in town on Thursday night.

Brainbow – 9:30
Disappear – 10:15
Black Cobra – 11
Pelican – 12

Donewaiting.com Presents Kurt Vile, Dec. 30 at The Summit in Columbus with Tommy Jay and Psychedelic Horseshit


MP3: Kurt Vile – Hunchback
MP3: Kurt Vile – Overnite Religion

Out of all the shows we’ve worked on with BenCo over the past few months, I’m most excited about this one. I can’t see how “Philly’s constant hitmaker” won’t end up in my top 10 of 2010. What’s great about Kurt Vile is how he makes the blending of noisy psychedelia and Neil Young-ish folk-rock sound so natural. I’m excited to see how that unfolds live, and to watch his musicianship in person. (As Vile told me in October, “I’ve been involved in playing music way more than just being a lo-fi punk or something.”)

We’ve got a pair to tickets to give away, of course. Send an e-mail to contestdonewaiting@gmail.com with the subject KURT VILE. A winner will be chosen on 12/29.

One other Columbus-related tidbit: Kurt Vile is a Psychedelic Horseshit fanboy. He sang their praises in that same October interview, saying they were his favorite band at SXSW in 2008, and adding, “They really mean it, they’re confident. Something about it, you just watch them, and it’s like, ‘Wow, this sounds, like, insane.’ But you just look at his face and you know he means every word.”

Should be a good way to wrap up the 2009 Donewaiting.com Presents series.

Jay Reatard’s Triumphant Return


MP3: Jay Reatard – It Ain’t Gonna Save Me
MP3: The Black Hollies – Gloomy Monday Morning
MP3: Bryan Scary and the ShreddingTears – (It’s A) Gambler’s Whirl

Pels ikke bjørnen før den er skudt. Or, don’t skin the bear before it’s been shot. That seems to be exactly what Jay Reatard’s old band members tried to do when they walked out on him in October. (But then again, that’s punk music, right?) Inconvenient timing (due to them being on tour at the time) seems to be the only downside from this situation as Danish band Cola Freaks are now officially on board the lo-fi garage punk project and have been trucking through Europe with him since. This seems to be a win-win situation, as he is finally visiting Columbus again (Sunday night at the Summit), now with a kick-ass European punch and seemingly quite happy about the new additions. He spent 10 days in October recording in the Freaks’ hometown of Aarhus and has gone on the record about it, saying, “It sounds exactly the way I wanted these songs to sound like live when I wrote them.” (Cue proverbial twisting of knife.) It’s a good time to be Danish, as Jay and the band will also be opening for The Pixies on their Doolittle tour that kicks off this weekend in Chicago. Oh, and now Reatard’s former rhythm section is apparently joining up with Wavves.

Reatard video and info on the Columbus openers after the jump. Continue reading

Wednesday (11/18) in Columbus: Surfer Blood


MP3: Surfer Blood – Swim

CMJ breakout band Surfer Blood will play the Summit on Wednesday night. It’s good timing — see ’em before you’re sick of hearing about ’em. The Florida band’s debut, Astro Coast, is out on Kanine January 19. It’s good.

Detroit’s Terrible Twos open. $5, 18+. Under 21 pay $2 surcharge at the door.

From the Chip Midnight Archive: Meat Puppets 1994 Audio Interview


The Meat Puppets will perform an acoustic in-store at Used Kids at 6pm and then a full-blown rock set at The Summit a few hours later with the Retribution Gospel Choir (side project for Low’s Alan Sparhawk) opening.

Duffy’s been asking me for years to convert my old interview cassettes into MP3s for archival purposes. After hanging with the Meat Puppets and their manager, Dennis, in Austin during SXSW a few months ago, I decided that the interview I did with bassist Cris Kirkwood back in ’94 for MOO Magazine would be a good first “From the Chip Midnight archives …” feature. This interview was done shortly after Kurt Cobain killed himself. The Meat Puppets were being hounded with interview requests due to their friendship with Cobain but very few, if any, interviews were being granted. Fortunately, I had put in my request to speak with them BEFORE Cobain died and their publicist, Regina Joskow, let me be one of the few writers to talk to them.

MP3: Cris Kirkwood interview from 1994

While we were waiting for the Kirkwood brothers to finish up recording their Daytrotter session in Austin, Dennis suggested that rather than interview the band, I should take my ’94 interview, and every time they mention Too High to Die (the album they were promoting at the time), I should swap in Sewn Together (the brand new Meat Puppets album). If you give the interview a listen (a little boring at times, I’ll admit – but there is some really funny stuff scattered throughout), you’ll see how easy it could have been to pass it off as a recent interview.

You can check out the feature I did on the Meat Puppets in The Big Takeover (issue 64), on newsstands soon (I’m a subscriber and got my issue in the mail yesterday).

East Village Radio’s Max Wowch Dejays at Moral Tales Saturday

The one song I know for sure that will be not played at Moral Tales is Purple Pills by D12.  Which is unfortunate. But I think that resident DJ’S Gaybar and True Skills(Who is in the newspaper this week) mainly focus on debonair and  elegant dance musics. I would possibly be able to convince DJ Detox that the only rap song of the night should be Eminem’s ode to XTC. But Detox is in Winnipig  doing whatever the fuck people do in places that are really fucking cold.

So filling in for DJ Detox will be Max Wowch. Max is good at making clothes. So he runs a clothing company called Wowch. Max also has a radio program in New York City. His show Pizza Party Airs on East Village Radio Thursday’s 4-6 pm.

Moral Tales is Free and At the Summit.
(Detox you need to get a Fidget house rap xtc set together. Pillz and Purple Pillz are my first two suggestions.)

Moral Tales Photos

Micheal “Gaybar” Carney lining up  um a, gay disco record.

Moral Tales is the new skin of Columbus future dance offering options for  the following: any lady with discerning taste; harlots that shop at both vintage stores and American Apparel; cordially mannered sociopath hustlers,; well-educated gentleman that are products of proper breeding; exquisitvely dressed nancyboys; rock n roll narcotic users; any other combination that requires both being attractive and well-versed in something . The first one installment of this monthly gala launched Last Saturday. The music provided by DJ Tru Skills, Gaybar, and DJ Detox centered around Exotic Funk, Disco, Electo and then ventured into R+B/blog house/bmore/ dance musics of the now at the end. The event’s host was a Mr. Scotty Neimat whose past endeavors include but aren’t limited toboth Sweatin Dance Party and the place Columbus DIY took root, the Neil House.

photos by danielle kline

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