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Video: Damn the Witch Siren – “Imagination”

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Damn the Witch Siren is Nathan Photos from The Town Monster and Krista Kathleen Botjer from Matte Black Silhouettes aka Bobbi Kitten and Z Wolf.

Download the track here.

Be on the lookout for live performances and more songs soon.

RIYL cool 80’s synth pop.

Video: The Town Monster – “Bela Lugosi”

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The Town Monster continue their streak of showing you how its done via their softcore horror porn necro snuff film acid trip video for “Bela Lugosi”.

Video written & directed by Nathan Photos and Krista Kathleen Botjer.

Download the song here.

The Town Monster are playing the Trauma 10 Year anniversary on Thursday night.

MP3 premiere: The Town Monster – “Bela Lugosi”

It seems The Town Monster has upped its game every couple months. At first it was just another local band. Then singer Nathan Photos started releasing EPs every month. Then came lineup changes and homemade animated epics about the band. And while all that was happening, the Town Monster’s songs got better and better, and the band’s live show became a multi-sensory, keyboard-dueling, falsetto-fueled feast for the eyes and ears. It’s this unexpected amalgam of NIN, Prince and Flaming Lips. With synthesizer. Lots and lots of synthesizer.

In exchange for your e-mail (or $ if you’d rather), you can download The Town Monster’s new single, “Bela Lugosi,” a creepy, danceable tune inspired by the Hungarian Dracula actor and Marilyn Monroe. For $1.99 you can also download the single and B-sides, including “One Thousand Wolves,” “Junkyard Dogs” and DJ Moxy’s “Bela Lugosi (The Bella Danza Mox Remix).”

Hear the band debut “Bela Lugosi” live this Friday at the Bluestone. More dates — including some out-of-state gigs — and the flip-side album art after the jump.
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The Town Monster Live at Electraplay: “Raincloud”

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The dudes behind the scenes of the Donewaiting.com presents Live at Electraplay finally decided to get in front of the camera and rock the studio with like lazers and lights and stuff and if i may, these guys have come A LONG way since I first saw them and wrote about them in the now defunct (?) Weakened Wrap-up and I went from not really feelin it to totally diggin it and this might just be my favorite Town Monster song so far.

The Town Monster track “1000 Wolves” has been added to the CD101 at 102.5’s playlist, they are opening for Crystal Castles on August 3rd at the Newport and are in the running to open CD101 Summerfest 2011. (Vote here)

“Raincloud” can be found on The Town Monster’s “February EP”

Friday in Columbus: Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers

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Fresh off tour with Grinderman, prepping for a tour with Acid Mothers Temple, on their way to SXSW, Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers are making a stop at Columbus’ A&R Music Bar to blow minds/deliver chills/hypnotize onlookers. I was fortunate enough to catch Shilpa, formerly of Beat the Devil fame, when she came through town last year and words just don’t do the live show justice. Do yourself a favor and go to the A&R Music Bar for once in your life, lord knows if there’s ever gonna be another reason to go.

Local weird rockers and CD101 Day opening candidates The Town Monster kick off what is sure to be a memorable evening.

Photos: Donew8ing anniversary show w/ Phantods, Ghost Shirt, Time & Temperature, Town Monster

Phantods, Ghost Shirt, Time & Temperature, The Town Monster
Kobo Live I Columbus, OH
Feb. 4, 2011


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A Town Monster Christmas

When I look back on 2010, I’ll always think of it as the year of big things for Donewaiting, namely the addition of Donewaiting TV where we started featuring video sessions by touring bands recorded at Electraplay Studio. The guys out there – Tony Stewart, James Allison, Nathan Photos, Matt Grady, Jason Sidwell (and any others I may have forgotten) – do such great work filming bands, recording audio, producing videos, and building relationships with bands, publicists, management, etc.

In addition to the awesome work they’ve done in collaboration with Donewaiting, Nathan, James and Matt perform some funkified, electro-keyboard rock under the name The Town Monster and have quietly been releasing tons of music in 2010. While Ghost Shirt took on the “52 songs in 52 weeks” task, The Town Monster recorded a new 3 or 4-song EP every month and posted on Bandcamp.

Last night, The Town Monster held an exclusive viewing party for A Town Monster Christmas, a 20-minute cartoon/holiday special of which we’ve never seen the likes of in Columbus before and we’re very happy to be sharing the video (animated by Nathan Photos) with you.

A Town Monster Christmas from The Town Monster on Vimeo.

The Town Monster Halloween EP

MP3: The Town Monster – Miscommunication?

OK, so the Town Monster have been releasing an EP every month, and this is actually just the October EP. But it feels Halloweeny. This band keeps getting better and better. Very solid 4-song EP. Name your own price over at Bandcamp.

Friday in Columbus

Poster by Jacob Halpern

Release shows in Columbus this weekend: The Town Monster, Old Worlds

MP3:The Town Monster – Guantanamo

MP3: Old Worlds – Stick With Your Friends

Show details on the posters.

(by Jason Sidwell)

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