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Weakened Wrap-up #10: Blog on the Range

Pictured: The Used@ROTR

What sounded like a good idea a few months ago didn’t sound like the best idea in the world when it came down to actually attending Rock on the Range this past weekend. I sucked it up and powered through it though and it was one of the biggest wastes of time, money and energy that I have experienced thus far in my 31 years on our mother earth. It reminded me of going to Warped tour and Ozzfest only I’m not so young and not so dumb, so i knew better than to enjoy it. Continue reading

Rock on the Range 2009 Day 2 (The Used, Motley Crue)

I made my own assignment for Rock on the Range – pretend like this is a Motley Crue concert with a few well-known opening acts (Avenged Sevenfold and The Used). While the rest of the black t-shirt nation spent 2 days soaking in the sounds of dozens of indistinguishable hard rock bands, I rolled up into the Crew Stadium parking lot (15 friggin bucks for parking) at 6:30 p.m. on day two of the festival, just 2.5 hours before the Crue was set to kick off their headlining sets.

At this late hour, the tailgating was non-existent. I did spot a few empty beer cans and bottles on my walk to the front gates but only passed a handful of people, most walking back to their cars, apparently done with the festivities.

Met up with Kirk shortly after entering the front gates and the first thing I noticed was how long the lines were for the ATM machines. “$8 a beer! I had to use the ATM machine yesterday after dropping about $100 between food and drinks,” Kirk told me, explaining why the ATM machines were more popular than the t-shirt booths and beer lines.

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