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Video: the Catalyst Talks Columbus Hip Hop, Thought Set, Amber Rose and Kicks An Accapella

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Higher Plane TV caught up with Columbus emcee the Catalyst at Summer Jam 614. The Q and A is insightful as the Catalyst talks about the growth of Columbus Hip Hop.

the Catalyst also drops a pretty dope verse.

MP3: Dregas feat eNPHANATE “MASH”

MP3: Dregas feat eNPHAN “Mash”

Our website has shown a lot of love for the Thought Collective aka Thought Set. We have covered the Catalyst, Envelope and NPayshint in the past. So I am stoked that eNPHANATE emailed me this song he did with Dregas for Dregas’s Nod Music.

If  you went to the Ghostface show at Skullys back in 2009, eNPHANATE is dude that murdered the crowd with a super-technical and alliterated accapella.

Besides rapping eNPHANATE also likes to argue with people on Twitter.

MP3:The Catalyst feat Np-“Swim Good 2.0”

MP3:Catalyst Feat. N.P. – Swim Good 2.0 (1)

Get Right host,The Catalyst and fellow Though Setter N.P. decided to rap over Frank Ocean’s “Swim Good”
The Catalyst’s verse is dope because while it intially sounds like a rap about sexual conquests, it is actually a bi-polar tale of self-loathing and self-importance.
N.P.’s verse vaguely hints at failures because of a poor choice. I don’t think he is actual talking about himself, though.

MP3:the Npayshint “The Run” & “Click Clack”

MP3:The Npayshint-The Runs (prod by A.U.)

MP3:The Npayshint-Click clack

Everytime I write about the Npayshint I point out that he was on Envelope’s song “Turn It Up”, and the Columbus emcee was also on RJD2’s last album. And of course the Catalyst mixtape.

Plus he played one of our Annivesarys with his crew Though Set.

A few months ago he gave us “Stretchin”, and these two songs are aptly titled “the Bench Press”.

I guess the point of these blurbs is get you to listen to the music. So listen to these songs, and then stop saying there aren’t enough good rappers in Columbus. Or at least continueing saying Npayshint reminds you of liking rap music.

And if you are in another city, if you think rappers should have deep voices, rhythm, and sound like other black people would’nt make of them, then listen to NPayshint.

MP3:Npayshint “Stretchin’ Freestyle”

MP3: NP-Stretchin’

NP from Thought Set twittered this little freestyle. Dude is dope.  You might remember him as the third guy on RJD2’s Ason’s Cycle. Anyway, this is just a warm-up that has the Columbus MC rappin’ over a looped up beat.

Video: The Catalyst in 107.5’s Cap City’s Finest Booth

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My favorite Columbus emcee The Catalyst hit up 107.5’s booth.

Video:Greenhouse feat The Catalyst-Cold Out Here

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uhmmm…..even though Spring is in the…..still gotta fuck with this one….

Print and Illogic aka Greenhouse rapping in front of the 2009 Daymon Day  Mural that Ender and A. Kern painted…… Then the Catalyst aka…. is that dood…. being ungovernable..

This video is an instant Columbus Classic

Shots to John Witsky on the cameo.

The Catalyst and the rest of Thought Set open up for Devin the Dude May 18th at Skullys.

Donewaiting 7 Year RJD2 Photos

rjd2 on twitter about his columbus show

Thanks bustown, last nite was all the way live. Word to the wise: if your chest is hella will farrell, jumping on stage w no shirt=bad look.

rj twitter again:

@wesflexner @donewaiting thanks for setting last nite up PROPERRRRR.

Keep reading for more photos. Continue reading

MP3-Greenhouse feat The Catalyst-Cold Out Here

MP3: Greenhouse Featuring The Catalyst-Cold Out Here

My favorite two hip hop songs so far this Winter  are Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C”,  and this Greenhouse/Catalyst collab, ” Cold Out Here” from Greenhouse’s EP, Electric Purgatory. On “Cold Out Here” all three emcees bring sobering depictions of how harsh these times can be.
Print raps about how stifling the world is right now, especially with the economy still fucked. Illogic speaks on ignoring detractors. And the Catalyst confesses to being an intoxicated, combustable mixture of talent and self-destructive tendencies in the midst of indifference.
Don’t sleep on the Thought Setter’s verse. Perfect for the winter blahs.

On Jan 30th, Greenhouse will be premiering the video for “Cold out Here” at Carabar. The show is free, all ages and will feature perfomances by Greenhouse, Apocalypse Inc., Johnny Cashola and All Eyes Path.

RJD2-Let There Be Horns Video & Donewaiting 7 Year Ticket Info

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(Directed by Thom Ghunt)
One of the funniest videos in a minute..
. RJD2’s-Let There Be Horns is a good sign that RJ’s new record, The Colossus, will be, well, good. The Colossus drops 1/19.
I like the shitty look RJ gives the bull. Ima guess this isn’t the last we have seen of the bull.

Regardless, you can catch RJ @:

Donewaiting.com’s 7 Year Anniversary Line-up in Columbus on Friday, February 5:



Tickets available in Columbus at

Magnolia Thunderpussy
1155 N. High Street

Or you can buy them online.

Reno poster coming soon.