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Friday in Columbus: Local bands

MP3: Deadwood Floats – The Colours I Earned
MP3: Sovroncourt – Butch Cassidy

Forget the Foster the People show at the LC on Friday. (And while you’re at it, forget Empire of the Sun and all the myriad knock-offs that MGMT and Passion Pit have spawned. BLAH.) If you’re dead set on catching a touring act, take a risk and check out Thrill Jockey’s Man Forever (feat. Kid Millions of Oneida) at Double Happiness.

I was going to pick a local show to preview, but they all seem worth at least a mention: Rumba has a solid triple bill with the Receiver, Way Yes and Saturday Giant; At Carabar, Nick Tolford, the Weight of Whales and Dayton’s Shut Up share a bill with Chicago’s Al Scorch; and the Tree Bar booked a folk-rock night with two relative newbies — Deadwood Floats (cover art for their “The Colours I Earned” single above) and Sovroncourt — and anchored by local chill-folk stalwarts Moon High and melodious Kafe Kerouac scenesters Audrey & Orwell. Check out the mp3s above for a taste of what the newbs have to offer. (Deadwood Floats RIYL Blind Pilot, and Sovroncourt accurately describes himself as “croak folk.”)

Use your Google and MyFace for more details on the shows. Oh, and the Columbus Arts Festival starts Friday, which also happens to be the day with the best music lineup of the fest, including Tim Easton and the Randys.

Other Friday shows you’re looking forward to? (Not sure what’s happening at Summit or Bourbon St.) Post in the comments or in the Hype section of the Friendship Farm.

Video premiere: Malefactors of Great Wealth – “Prisontown”

YouTube Preview Image

The Malefactors of Great Wealth is the project of JP Olsen, whom Columbusites may know from his previous bands: Beetkeepers in the late ’80s and Burn Barrel (basically Olsen backed by the Haynes Boys) in 1999. Olsen, who now calls Brooklyn home, put out a Malefactors EP on Old3C Records a couple months ago called Today is the Best Day of My Life. Don’t overlook it. It’s exceptionally strong. Tim Easton fans may also be interested to hear “True Ways,” the remake of a song from Beetkeepers’ self-titled album that Easton covered on Break Your Mother’s Heart.

So, the “Prisontown” video. That’s not the Malefactors of Great Wealth in there, as you probably figured out. But this archival footage is anything but random. Olsen is also an author and filmmaker, working on several indie and PBS documentaries. He also directed his own fascinating documentary called The Narcotic Farm (and co-authored a book of the same name) about a prison for drug addicts in the 40s and 50s. (The film has been optioned for both television and feature film release.) The stuff in “Prisontown” was taken from footage that Olsen found but didn’t use for the film. The band playing in it is called The Pacific Gas and Electric. Very little of the footage has ever been seen.

The Malefactors of Great Wealth will be at the Rumba Cafe on June 24 and 25 with Tim Easton and the Madison Square Gardeners.

In more JP Olsen news: You’ll soon hear of an Olsen split 45 with The Black Swans. Both artists challenged each other to come up with a song based on the Chris Burden art piece “You’ll Never See My Face in Kansas City.” (Burden wore a mask for days in Kansas City and never took it off.)

Tim Easton SXSW dates, new album details, MP3 exclusive

MP3: Daily Life

Tim Easton’s been representing Columbus at SXSW for many, many years. While the traveling songwriter hasn’t called Columbus his permanent home in quite a while (currently he lives outside of Joshua Tree, California), we’ll still happily claim him as one of our own.
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Tim Easton – 7th Wheel Video

Here’s a new video of Tim Easton keeping himself busy in the desert.

Pocketful of Sunshine @ Rumba Cafe (Friday night)


Remember a few years ago when Dave Grohl wrote an insane metal album and invited all of his favorite singers to sing on it? Probot. A little outside (okay, a LOT outside) of what he was doing in the Foo Fighters, but it was the kid in him just letting loose and making the album he always REALLY wanted to make.

Longtime Columbus drummer Paul Abbott (Woosley Band, Karma Farmers) has put together his own little Probot-like project that he’s named Pocketful of Sunshine and the players on the album (Target Audience of One) are a veritable Who’s Who of the Columbus music scene.

Just check out this list of singers who appear: Two Cow Garage’s Micah Schnabel (“Ultimate Mixtape”), Celebrity Pilots’ Chris Sheehan (“Are You Still Lovely?”), Earwig’s Lizard McGee (“My Favorite Star”), The Sun’s Chris Burney (“I Am the One”), The Spikedrivers’ Jesse Henry (“Get With You”), Big Back Forty’s Sean Beal (“Season of Giving”), Chris McCoy (“Undone”), Happy Chichester (“Easy Does It”), Ugly Stick’s Dave Holm (“Same Train”), Tim Easton (“Next to You”), and Megan Palmer (“Tumbleweed Rover”). Seriously … SEAN BEAL???? CHRIS McCOY???? When was the last time either of these guys sang on a record?
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Last Night: Tim Easton at The Summit

with Sam Brown on drums.

See more Columbus videos here.

Megan Palmer’s New Album on the Donewaiting.com Record Label

MP3: Deadman by Megan Palmer
MP3: Take You Away by Megan Palmer

Last week we released “Take You Away,” the new album by Megan Palmer on Sunken Treasure Records, the donewaiting.com record label. I’ve linked up some MP3s and press if you’d like to learn some more.

In my humble opinion, it’s a great soundtrack to the changing seasons, the days getting darker a little earlier, and the need to start breaking out the scarves and winter hats. Guests on the record include Victoria Williams, Tim Easton, and Eric Metronome. It was recorded mostly in the Joshua Tree, with some additional songs being done by Metronome in Columbus

Megan was on the cover of Columbus Alive this week: read the story. Also: review by Muruch.

She performed 5 songs and did an interview that you can listen here on Patradio.org.

Upcoming shows:

11/21: Lancaster, OH @ Paul’s Nite Club
11/26: Columbus, OH @ Rumba
11/30: New York, NY @ Banjo Jim’s
12/1: New York, NY @ Rodeo Bar

BUY ALBUM: Sunken Treasure Store (or Itunes, etc)