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Interview: Mazes

MP3:Mazes – Vampire Jive (live)

Many apologies for my absence from Donewaiting in the past few months. Now that I’m comfortably settling into English life in this massive city, the time has arrived to continue contributing my two cents…

London-based Mazes have been generating quite a buzz. Between being signed to Fat Cat Records in November (making them label mates with recent Fat Cat addition Psychedelic Horseshit of Columbus), getting some badass BBC Radio 1 airplay and prepping for their new record (releasing on April 11th), they’re well on their way to having a busy and exciting year.

Coming from a tight-knit network of musicians and ambitious youngsters, they are just the kind of band a city like Columbus can really get behind. (And much to our glee they cite Guided by Voices as a major influence; just listen to the song in the video.) I recently caught up with vocalist/guitarist Jack Cooper who told me a little more about the band and their role in the London DIY scene.

DW: So Mazes has been going for a couple of years. How has it evolved since the beginning?

Cooper: In the beginning it was just Jarin and I. I suppose the Adam and Eve of Mazes. The analogy stops there but we did give birth to a lot of good stuff and some bad stuff as well. We found Conan and Neil along the way and so much the better. It’s better having four of us, but y’know, more stuff can go wrong now.

DW: You come from a strong DIY scene. How has it nurtured bands like yours?

Cooper: The people, labels and bands that we’ve been involved with from the start are incredibly supportive and helpful. If we have some sort of problem, someone else has always been there to offer advice. It’s nice and comforting having friends with similar hopes and goals maybe…but saying that, people are usually friends with dudes who have similar interests. Continue reading

Times New Viking Signs To Merge Records

Pitchfork Media formally announced  Columbus’s own Times New Viking has signed to Merge Records. The new album is called Dancer Equired. It will be released April 25, 2011 in America.

Wichita Recordings will release the album in Europe. Pop Frenzy in Australia. and Big Nothing will put Dancer Equired out in Japan.

Above is the video for the first single off of Dancer Equired, “No Room to Live”. It has TNV walking around Washington Beach to Cafe Bourbon Street, while the frames are altered by 40 artists from Columbus, Ohio and beyond.

Brandon Reichard and Pelham Johnston directed the video.

Video: Times New Viking – “Martin Luther King Day (live)”

YouTube Preview Image

Video: Times New Viking as tour guide

Times New Viking gave Rhapsody a tour of TNV-relevant Columbus spots as part of the website’s “Guide to the Galaxy” feature. There’s CCAD, Topiary Garden, Wexner Center w/ fast-forwarded Jerry Dannemiller & Matt Horseshit cameos, Blue Danube, Kyle & Lost Weekend, Musicol (sorta) and Bourbon St. (“You ever see Kings of Leon change a trash bag?”)

Because Rhapsody is really cutting-edge, they decided not to give an embed option, so that’s a smaller-sized hack version. Bigger video here.

New Times New Viking album in 2011. If it sounds anything remotely like “No Room to Live” I will love it. 300%.

Video: Guided by Voices + Times New Viking – “A Salty Salute” (Live in Chicago)

YouTube Preview Image

Guided by Voices @ Outland Live in Columbus TONIGHT. Yesssss

MP3: Times New Viking – “No Room to Live”

MP3: Times New Viking – No Room to Live

I became a TNV believer a while ago, but this new track blew me away. Really dreamy vibe with milky vocals and even an acoustic base track. And yeah, it’s got a studio sound instead of a 4-track sound. But it’s that super-warm, analog studio sound that CDR‘s Adam Smith (above left) gets out of Musicol. Can’t wait to hear all the songs that came out of the sessions there.

“No Room to Live” is on a handmade, tour-only seven-inch (w/ “Nite & Day”) that you can snag while the trio finishes up the first leg of a tour with that one band from Dayton… (Unfortunately Times New Viking isn’t opening the Guided by Voices show at Outland Live on Saturday, but the band promises they’ll have copies for Columbus.) CMJ and (competing?) #Offline festival appearances soon, too.

And Times New Viking has a new website (and Facebook and Twitter). Web presence! Also looks like Wichita will be handling things in the UK/Europe.

Photo courtesy Kevin Elliott’s Flickr

Three Years at The Monster House

Jimi “James” Payne posted this over on Banalization.

James “Jimi” Payne

For the past three years I have lived in the Monster House, a DIY punk house in Columbus, Ohio. I co-founded the Monster House with Pat Crann, Austin Eilbeck, Ryan Eilbeck, Jeff Love, Kristina Markey, Matt O’Conke, Joe Scarbro, Dylan Taylor-Lehman, and Nick Wong. A few weeks ago the last three original roommates – besides me – left. And, as of this week, I’m moving out as well. A group of our friends still living at the Monster plan to continue hosting shows and events. On October 8th, Apache DropoutLandlordReverse The Curse, and Cody Troyan are performing there.

After “the jump” is a list of every performer who occasioned the “stage” at the Monster House in the last three years. 400 different performers have played over 150 shows booked by over 20 promoters. The list is representative of the Columbus punk scene as well as the national DIY touring circuit from 2007-10.

More than 30 people paid rent at the house during this time span.

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Video: Times New Viking “Teen Spirit in Hell”

The hits keep coming.

Touring continues: Continue reading

Video:Yo La Tengo cover Times New Viking-“Move To California”

YouTube Preview Image

(via Pitchfork Media)

So Yo La Tengo covering Times New Viking at an English Music Festivalwasn’t the most rehearsed thing ever..but its prolly coming from a place of genuine love for the Columbus band.
I would say check TNV on tour with Pavement and Guided By Voices and and also at the Bilken Club in Missouri ..Dates after jump…
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MP3:Blueprint-Who EP

MP3:Blueprint-Who EP

Blueprint’s latest EP has him sampling the Who EP. So you Rock N Rollerz might light this one. The bulk of the content is Print discussing how he worked hard to get where he is at when other people had different ideas. Donewaiting readers might take note of track 3, “See Thru”, Print’s lo-fi song, where he shouts out DJ Przm, TNV and PHS. Illogic is on Track 5, “Pain” in which Print revisits the Teenage Wasteland sample he used on Illogic’s “1000 Whispers” and then Best Buy told him he wasn’t allowed to when Weightless reissued Celestial Clockwork through Raptivism.
There are three versions of Blueprint Who. This is the free version. To purchase or look for more info please check www.weightless.net.

Blueprint is currently on tour With Atmosphere, DJ Rare Groove, Budos and Grieves
Dates after the jump Continue reading