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GBV tribute night redux

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Remember the Guided by Voices tribute night at the Treehouse back in December where Bob Pollard showed up? It seems Robert Loss — CCAD prof and singer/guitarist for The Wells — apparently has been mulling it over for a while, and he wrote a great piece about it over at PopMatters: New Theories of Everything Prompted by Guided by Voices Appreciation Night, or, Good News.

Saturday night: ’80s Power Ballad Night @ The Treehouse


Local bands doing ’80s power ballads sounds like a helluva good time to me. This theme night has been going on for 10 years but I was always afraid to attend because when I think of ’80s power ballads, I think of hair metal and my biggest fear was that some might do covers of Whitney Houston or New Kids on the Block songs.

I’ve been told by Chuck Oney – one of the night’s organizers – that the setlist for Saturday night’s show includes covers of songs by Poison, LA Guns, Metallica, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, GNR, Faster Pussycat, Motley Crue, Autograph, Steelheart, Billy Squier, Prince, Night Ranger, & John Waite.

Scheduled to perform at The Treehouse (887 Chambers Road) are: Karate Coyote, Keith Jenkins & The Moving Parts, PoopHouse Reilly, The Vague, One Pretty Minute, Tom Boyer, Rick Kinsinger, Erika Carey, Pat Moore, Lydia Loveless & Go Robot Go!!

Here are my top 11 power ballads from the hair metal era (some snuck into the early ’90s so I don’t want to call them “80s power ballads”).

1. “Heaven” – Warrant
2. “I Still Think About You” – Danger Danger
3. “Sister Christian” – Night Ranger
4. “Wasted Time” – Skid Row
5. “Never Let You Go” – Steelheart
6. “Fly High Michelle” – Enuff Z’ Nuff
7. “Don’t Close Your Eyes” – Kix
8. “Thru These Eyes” – Spread Eagles
9. “Love Song” – Tesla
10. “No Stranger to Love” – Black Sabbath

Videos for all of these songs after the jump. Continue reading

Friday in Columbus: The Seedy Seeds at The Treehouse

seedyseeds(Photo by Caroline Tompkins)

MP3: The Seedy Seeds – The Push
MP3: The Young Republic – Napoleon Roses

Cincinnati trio The Seedy Seeds might be the sonic equivalent of Columbus dessert staple Jeni’s ice cream.  Ice cream containing both chocolate and cayenne pepper shouldn’t really work, and neither should music containing both synths and banjo. But you’d be surprised on both counts. By mixing banjo, accordion and acoustic guitar with synths, beats from a toy keyboard and boy-girl harmonies, The Seedy Seeds create a kind of unique, heartfelt indie pop that’s both folksy and danceable at the same time.

Check out their 2008 release Count The Days, and go see them at The Treehouse on Friday, 11/27.  Nashville’s The Young Republic and Columbus’ Paper Airplane open.  Show at 10pm, $5, 21+.

“Drive Me to the Center” video after the jump. Continue reading

From the ashes of Sound Team, TV Torso


A long, long time ago (2006) in a land far, far away (Austin), Sound Team released its major-label debut, Movie Monster, after years of DIY releases & touring and mounting “next-big-thing” buzz. It was a tough album to pin down, with influences on the sleeve and all over the map (Spoon, Interpol, Walkmen, U2); the only constants were layered, pulsing electronics and big hooks. It’s soulful, impassioned and still holds up today, I think. But Movie Monster got mixed reviews (this may hold the record for the most grotesquely snarky), it didn’t sell well, and the next year Sound Team called it quits.

Sunday night (8/9) at the Treehouse you can catch the new project from 1/2 of the former band’s songwriting duo, Matt Oliver. (It also includes ex-Sound Team drummer Jordan Johns.) TV Torso, named after a song off Movie Monster, has a more organic vibe, but with Oliver’s vocal scratch intact and leading the charge, fully freed of unrealistic, fairy-tale expectations.

Chris Burney (The Sun) opens.

DW Recommends: Rosehips and friends, Treehouse, April 10th


MP3: The Dead Are Watching (LIVE) by Rosehips

MP3: In News by The Nuclear Children

So with the Donewaiting Calander back under construction, plus a general sense of nostalgia, there’s been a bit of a push to start doing more show previews up front here in the bloggity. Seems like a good-cause show is decent place for me to reaccquaint myself with the business end of WordPress.

So this weekend- today, even. Friday. Treehouse. There’s gonna be a rock show with a lil’ benefit twist.  Organizing and headlining the gig are Rosehips, joined by (and sharing a guitar-player with) Rollo. Also on the bill are The Nuclear Children and Ease the Medic. It could be shear vocab coincidence, but I’m leaving open the possiblity that the last dudes were added out of clever band-name suitablity.

See, Cassie Lewis of Rosehips fame has put together a show to benefit some physicians, but more specifically to raise awareness about the state of naturopathic medicine in Columbus, and what it means to practice this sort of doctoring in our state. In addition to all the rock (see above for some MP3 offerings), the physicians of the Columbus Clinic of Naturopathy, Tamara Strickland and Jennifer Ball, will be in attendance at the venue for the evening.  They will be answering questions about their practice and also raffling off a first office call with the clinic!  This will be for a initial two hour consultation with a naturopathic physician.  There will be a table of information (including naturopathic medical schools), and free samples.

Despite the health care industry as a whole getting a lot of attention right now, I really didn’t know a ton about this stuff, so I asked Cassie to help me understand the motivation for the benefit show, and a little more about the issues involved. Her first person account is after the jump. Continue reading