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My Phone Conversation With Project Pat

50 Cent completely flubbed “A-Yo Technology” in my mind. Justin Timberlake laced him with a hook about dealing with a girl thats big on texting, and short on sexin. I know in my life I have at least 7 girls that text me every other day for no conceivable reason other than maybe they are socially inept. But “Cuuurtis” only uses his phone to snitch, so he wrote a corny fantasy verse that sounded like he had a porn site open on his PC instead of commenting on the social pathologies that are being created by technological social tools. Well, Project Pat never rats, even though he loves the cheese. And his crew Hypnotized Minds have alway been on the cutting edge of future talk. Who can forget Triple Six Mafia’s song “Two Way Freak” about a sexual deviant that overuses a man’s Motorola. And you gotta know, Project Pat has had plenty of time to ponder the new world we live in, and the changes that go on. Imagine going in and out of jail for Aggravated Robbery, and Probation violations during the 90’s and the 00’s and constantly adapting to the various innovations in communication. I mean the first time Pat got locked people were still using beepers. Well with that cultural vantage point, Project Pat-a is back with his new album “Walkin Bank Roll’ due out October 30th. The first single “Don’t Call Me No Mo. Don’t Text Me No Mo” is very critical of those that abuse modern devices. I discussed this song, his appearances with Three 6 on the MTV Reality Show “Adventures in Hollyhood” and his move to Koch via celluar phone while he was running errands.

Wes Flexner:How was the MTV Show?
Project Pat:It was good.

WF:Did they pay you?
PP:Hell yeah they paid us.

WF:Did MTV try to push you to do things that would make you look foolish?
PP:They tried to make us do a couple things. But you know Hypnotized Minds is gonna keep it street. They ain’t makin us do nothin.

WF: There is this band Severe that recorded a song about how happy it made them that you were getting out of jail. Why do you think metal kids love Project Pat so much?
PP:I have no idea why they like me. But I am glad they do!

WF:Is the Crook by da Book actually book ever coming out? Are you still writing it? (Women interupts.)

WF:Is the Crook by da Book actually book ever coming out? Are you still writing it?
PP:I am listening.

Women keeps talking. Pat is listening to the woman not me.

WF:Are you still writing a book?
PP:We making a movie about that. I ain’t trying to promote that right now. I am promoting this album.(Car door opens. Beeping sound alerting open door.)

WF:OK. The new single is about texting. How do I get a girl to stop texting me?

WF:On that song you say “I fell in love with a stripper.Now let me hit it from the back”. Man you really wouldn’t fall in love with a stripper would you?
PP:I can see that happening. I can definitely see that happening.

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