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Two Cow Garage re-releasing The Wall Against Our Back, splitting ties with Suburban Home Records

MP3: Alphabet City
MP3: My Concern

Some big news in the land of Columbus-based road warriors Two Cow Garage. First, the band will be re-releasing The Wall Against Our Back, which came out in 2004 on Shelterhouse. The self-released, limited-edition (500) reissue will be pressed on red, 180-gram vinyl with re-packaged artwork, available in mid-November. You can now pre-order the album with packages that include T-shirts and posters. Download two tracks from the re-release — “My Concern” and “Alphabet City” above.

In a press release sent by TCG’s manager Steve McGann (who also manages Lydia Loveless, Tim Easton and Todd May), Shane Sweeney shared these thoughts about the record:

After two years of almost constant touring on our first record, Please Turn the Gas Back On, in 2004 we decided to seclude ourselves in the ranch land of north Texas and record the songs that we had been hammering on over that long stretch of touring. We had no idea what the reaction would be to Wall Against Our Back. It just all happened so fast, and we were all so focused on doing it, that we had little time to postulate on what anyone else’s thoughts would be about it. As it turns out, and lucky for us, people did care, more than we ever could have hoped for. As we continued to tour and record, The Wall Against Our Back became a distant blur in the rearview mirror of our catalogue of songs. And soon we let it fall by the wayside and go out of print. Yet, it’s a struggle to think of a show where there hasn’t been at least one person requesting us to play a song “Off of that red record . . .” And now we’re doing something about it. Through the years TCG has moved progressively away from Wall’s sound musically, but we are no less proud of The Wall Against Our Back. It’s nice to welcome this record back into the fold. Thanks for sticking with it, and us.

The release also noted that Two Cow Garage is no longer affiliated with Suburban Home Records, and it didn’t mince words about the reason why:

Although attempts were made by TCG to have an amicable split, SHR failed to live up to its responsibilities to the band. In short, the band wishes SHR well, but asks its fans to buy directly from TCG or TCG website. Any other purchases at this time will unfairly go to SHR and TCG will receive nothing from those sales.

TCG fall tour dates:
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Video: Two Cow Garage – “Gerri” (Quiet Country Audio session)

Two Cow Garage recently recorded a live session for Quiet Country Audio, debuting new song “Gerri.” Watch above, and stream the tunes from the full session:

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MP3 premiere: Shane Sweeney – “When I am Empty”

MP3: Shane Sweeney – “When I am Empty”

Donewaiting has been a big supporter of Two Cow Garage since forever. The guys even played DW’s 6-year anniversary show. For those who share our 2Cow enthusiasm, we’ve got the premiere of “When I am Empty,” the second track off Two Cow Garage bassist Shane Sweeney’s debut album, The Finding Time, out next week on Last Chance Records (Little Rock, Ark.). Like his bandmate Micah Schnabel, Sweeney went the minimalist route for his first solo record — just acoustic guitar, creaky chairs and Sweeney’s baritone thumping the bedroom walls. It’s what people talk about when they talk about an “intimate record.”

Shane Sweeney’s Columbus release show is Friday at the Rumba Cafe (10pm, $6) with Todd May (Lilybandits, Mooncussers), Jeff Fernengel (Tree of Snakes) and Nate Linek (The Proms, Raise the Alarm).

The Finding Time is available digitally on iTunes, Amazon and Last Chance Records’ website, where you can also pre-order clear or blue vinyl (includes digital download).

Friday: Lydia Loveless CD release party @ Rumba Cafe

Not exactly a CD release party for a CD that’s been available to purchase both physically and digitally for a few weeks, Lydia Loveless plays Columbus on Saturday night for the first time since her badass twang-rocker Indestructible Machine was released by Bloodshot Records on September 13.

While Josh Krajcik put Columbus in the national spotlight due to his 7-minutes (so far) of fame on the X-Factor (one of Loveless’s first shows was with Krajcik), glowing reviews have been piling up for Loveless, the introverted (at least when she’s not on stage) singer whose biographical tales of local stalkers, woebegone relationships with both bad boys and alcohol, and the reality of everyday life have struck a chord with music listeners worldwide.

Welcome Lydia Loveless back to Columbus on Friday night when she makes an appearance at Rumba Cafe along with The Mooncussers and a solo set from Two Cow Garage’s Shane Sweeney. Copies of Indestructible Machine will be available at the show though you all certainly own it by now!

Two Cow Garage on NPR

MP3: Two Cow Garage – Sally I’ve Been Shot

NPR’s “World Cafe: Next” (out of Philadelphia’s WXPN) featured a couple of Two Cow Garage tracks — “Sally, I’ve Been Shot” and “Jackson, Don’t You Worry” — off the band’s new record, Sweet Saint Me, out now on Suburban Home Records.

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Columbus release shows Saturday: Two Cow Garage, Lost Revival, Monolithic Cloud Parade

MP3: Two Cow Garage – Sally, I’ve been Shot
MP3: The Lost Revival – King of Electricity

Already wrote about 2cow and Lost Revival for The Other Paper, so I’ll stop typing and just give ya some release-show info and let you watch that video and sample these mp3s to make up your own mind:

The Lost Revival and Monolithic Cloud Parade’s combined release show is 10 p.m. Saturday (Sept. 25) at Skully’s, 1151 N. High St., with George Elliot Underground.

Two Cow Garage’s CD release show is Saturday (Sept. 25) at the Rumba Café, 2507 Summit St., 10 pm(ish), with Scotland Yard Gospel Choir and Ghost Shirt.

New Two Cow Garage

Suburban Home Records has some details about the new Two Cow record, Sweet Saint Me, which won’t be out till October, but apparently the band will have some copies at the Columbus release show at Rumba on Sept. 25. “Lydia,” the single, will be available Friday (9/10) as a digital download and a limited-edition (100) Polaroid taken by the band.

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Ghost Shirt: Single #24

MP3: Single #24 – Astronauts of Fate

Featuring Micah Schnabel of Two Cow Garage on drums. 52 Singles in 52 Weeks

Ghost Shirt: Single #21

MP3: Single #21 – Pike Bishop

From Branden:

Here is our first collaboration of many. This song features Shane Sweeney (2 cow garage) on bass and Micah Schnabel (2 cow garage) on vocals with me. This was absolutely so much fun to record with them and they will be back several times before the end of the year. The next song will feature Natey Rothacker (trainwreck, tenacious D at bonaroo ) on drums. This Tuesday we are recording one with the amazing Dane Terry on keys and vocals.

I will be hitting the road with Micah for 3 weeks in august to support ghost shirt’s first release. The CD release party will be at Rumba cafe with the release of the Hot 17 book on Friday July 9th with Envelope, Two Cow Garage, New City Gypsy, Low Men, Wing and Tusk and The Receiver. Summer is busy and awesome.

52 Singles in 52 Weeks

Alix Reese Compilation Album

It’s been three weeks since our friend Alix Reese was tragically shot in the neck while driving on the east side. Multiple fundraisers have taken place and the support for them has been and continues to be incredible. In yet another selfless effort to raise money for medical expenses, Jacob Wooten has gathered the help of 20 local businesses and musicians to release a special limited-edition record for Alix.

The album features 15 different singles, including unreleased tracks by Phantods, Winter Makes Sailors and Wing and Tusk. Only 500 copies will be made, and 100% of the sales will be contributed to the Reese family to help pay for medical bills. The album will be released July 2nd at KOBO. Bands on the album will be performing all night. Albums will also be sold Saturday July 3rd at Skully’s Music Dinner, with Mr. Fahrenheit and The Loverboys with special guest Phantods.

Other contributors to this album include The Compressions, Karate Coyote, Saturday Giant, Sleepers Awake, Way Yes, New City Gypsy, Maza Blaska, Stretch Lefty, LES Crew, Ghost Shirt, Old Worlds and Two Cow Garage.