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Video: Marines – “Tiny Little Tom”

I haven’t paid much attention to bands coming out of the UK for the past few years but with bands like The Vaccines and Viva Brother starting to make a splash in the U.S., things are looking up for another British Invasion.

Marines are a relatively new band that seems to follow the same path as their fellow countrymen – record and release a few singles, shoot a few videos, get the buzz going before work on a full-length has commenced.

I do believe that I’ve fallen in love with “Tiny Little Tom” and you can hear hints of influences like The Smiths and The Wedding Present in Marines’ decidedly UK-sounding rock.

Not sure when we’ll get a full-length (or even be able to snag Marines tracks off iTunes) so to get your fix, you’ll have to tune into the band’s YouTube channel where they’ve posted a few different songs.