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Video: Log – “Cause without the Rebel” (Ron House cover)

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As Chip mentioned, Used Kids Records celebrated its 26th anniversary this past weekend with pizza, record discounts and bands playing all day Saturday. Log, which was apparently playing its final show, ended the set with a Ron House cover.

Used Kids celebrates 26 years in business with full day of music, pizza, special deals

Through good times and bad, Used Kids Records has managed to survive in a world where record stores are closing at an alarming rate. The campus landmark has made it through a fire, competition from both independently-owned stores as well as national franchises, and the on-set of the digital age where consumers can purchase new music with a click of a button and never have to venture into a brick-and-mortar store.

On Saturday, the store celebrates it’s 26th year of being in business with a full day of live music, free pizza and special deals (26% off all used inventory). BYOB welcome (but PBR is a sponsor!!!).

Here’s the lineup (Times are subject to change):

1:00 Total Foxx
2:00 Outer Spacist
3:00 Nom Tchotchkes (Dan Dow, Greg Hall, David Banbury and Eva Owen)
4:00 Log (rare reunion show and potentially the final performance for the band)
5:00 Fort Shame
6:00 Betty Machete & the Angry Cougars
7:00 The Girls!
8:00 Connections

Tonight: Magik Markers, Psychedelic Horseshit, Ryan Jewell @ Used Kids

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It’s never a bad idea to head to Used Kids for “vinyl Monday,” at which you get 20% off all used vinyl all day. And tonight there’s even more reason to go. Drag City alums Magik Markers will play a free in-store show. Hometown scuzzies Psychedelic Horseshit will open, along with Ryan Jewell. Things kick off about 5pm. BYOB, hunt for some records, listen to some good/loud music and be reminded of how lucky we are to have a place like Used Kids.

MP3: Ron House & Moviola – “Fire Tressel, Not Teachers”

One lies to his bosses and gets patted on his head
The other wants to bargain and is told to drop dead
Fire Tressel, not teachers
Save the children, not Judas

MP3: Ron House & Moviola – Fire Tressel, Not Teachers

Ron House, opinionated as ever, wrote this one and recorded it with Moviola around one mic at Used Kids on Tuesday night. Also available at Moviola’s bandcamp page, along with some other great freebies the band has been releasing the past few months.

Overlooked in Ohio Vol. 6: Belreve

Editor’s note: “Overlooked in Ohio” is a feature in which we ask an Ohio-based artist/music enthusiast to tell us about a band or bands from the state of Ohio (past or present) that deserve some love. Our sixth installment comes courtesy of Nick Schuld — resurrecter of Datapanik, player in Obviouslies and unearther of various Ohio treasures over at Minimum Tillage Farming. Nick has been here too long and is now insane.

Photos by Jay Brown; copyright 2010 jfotoman

MP3: Assorted tracks from Cowtown EP, 45s, etc. (mediafire archive courtesy Minimum Tillage Farming)
MP3: Walk

A little while before I moved to Columbus in the summer of 1988 I discovered the glorious phenomenon that is the used record shop, so one of the first things I did when I got here was to scan the yellow pages for all the locals. At the time, cds still seemed neat and lotsa previously hard-to-find (for me at least, in small-town Virginia) stuff was showing up on that most durable of physical formats (*ahem*), so I took my giant Bekins box of tapes to Used Kids and wandered upstairs soon after with loot in hand to “little Mag’s” – the relatively short-lived cousin of the still-thriving shop now calling the Short North home – since Used Kids was still strictly analog. (Well, maybe they had a few discs in a magazine rack by the door – but they woulda prolly been a little to the current/good/hip/obscure side of the Misfits and Lemonheads ones I was jazzed about.) Little Mag’s was cool, trafficked mostly in t-shirts, and closed pretty soon after.

Fortunately this fate didn’t befall Used Kids (tho’ I did buy a t-shirt there once), and in the following months I started going down to the shop whenever I could find a ride or felt sufficiently over-enthusiastic enough to ride my skateboard from the suburbs and back. One day I bought a My Bloody Valentine tape and the guy behind the counter mentioned how good the upcoming show at the Ohio Union Ballroom was gonna be. I think I averted my eyes and barely mumble-nodded in agreement on my way out the door – for I was not always the obnoxiously assertive lug you all now recognize – but after the show I grabbed the fellow and yelled over the ringing in my ears how indeed it WAS quite the revelation. He grinned and said the last song was on their best record and had I heard it? I said no and he said he’d tape it for me; thus, my introduction to the illustrious Ron House. Continue reading

Video:Greenhouse feat The Catalyst-Cold Out Here

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uhmmm…..even though Spring is in the…..still gotta fuck with this one….

Print and Illogic aka Greenhouse rapping in front of the 2009 Daymon Day  Mural that Ender and A. Kern painted…… Then the Catalyst aka…. is that dood…. being ungovernable..

This video is an instant Columbus Classic

Shots to John Witsky on the cameo.

The Catalyst and the rest of Thought Set open up for Devin the Dude May 18th at Skullys.

Record Store Day in Columbus (includes Ben Folds manning the cash register at Mags)

Columbus is lucky to have more than one awesome independent record store. Go support them often, but especially this Saturday, April 17, for national Record Store Day. Here’s a quick rundown of the goings on at the Big Three (Magnolia Thunderpussy, Used Kids, Lost Weekend), including Ben Folds manning the cash register at Mags from 1-2:30pm. Feel free to post additions, things going on at other stores, etc. in the comments.

Used Kids

(Plus PBR and pizza)

Magnolia Thunderpussy
Open hours: 10am-9pm
Ben Folds works the register 1-2:30pm
1PM – Karate Coyote
2PM – Hurt People Hurt People
3PM – Scattered Needles
3:30PM – The Altered States of the United Snakes
4PM – Christ
4:30PM – The Metagame
6PM – Exwhites
7PM – Deprecator
8PM – Kingpin

Lost Weekend
33% off all USED LPs
45% off all USED 45 rpms 7″ records
78 rpm records for ONLY 78 cents
10% off all NEW LPs and Cds
20% off everything else (except RSD exclusive titles).
Also: “Saturday will still be the super huge discount day and we will not be putting any RSD exclusive titles out early however we will also have a sale on the Friday before and the Sunday after. On those days we will have 20 % Off everything Used and 10% off everything new.”

Super Desserts Release Banjo Forever

super desserts

MP3: Yr Heart

The Super Desserts are set to release their new record Banjo Forever this Sunday (Jan. 24) at Used Kids Records. In a way, this is a new old record, as many tracks come from previously released material that have been remixed with added instrumentation. Singer/guitarist Bobby Miller explains: “Really it’s just the culmination of a plan we had from day one. We set out to record as many songs as we could in a two-year span, releasing them in DIY fashion along the way. Then, we took our favorites and packaged them with the strongest of our “new” songs to create this record.” Whether you’re new to their music or not, their efforts don’t seem to be in vain as they’ve managed to channel all of their energy into a highly enjoyable album.

This quirky gaggle of artists call on a variety of instruments (as with the first album, Barefoot in the Disenchanted Forest) that seem to tell stories of the mishaps of seeing life through melodic, rose-colored glasses. In fact, their airy way of tale-telling can refresh your inner child and leave you whistling, like in the track “Gotta Lotta Sun.” While I’m left wanting to hear more new material, I’ll be playing outstanding tracks such as the Sondre Lerche-like tune “Falling Out of Fashion,” the charming “Yr Heart” and the tragically fun “I Only Love You Because You Can Play Guitar” on repeat for a while.

On Sunday you’ll be able to purchase your own vinyl copy as well as catch an in-store performance from both Saintseneca and Super Desserts.


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Columbus emcee Zerostar’s video featuring cameos by Envelope, DJ Detox, Jeff Fernagel, myself, Steve Hamilton, Zack Smoozyiak, Magnolia Thunderpussy, Used Kids,  Carabar, the Columbus Police, and  Skullys.

Songs off his new ep. Download it below.

MP3:Zerostar:Are We There Yet? EP



From the Chip Midnight Archive: Meat Puppets 1994 Audio Interview


The Meat Puppets will perform an acoustic in-store at Used Kids at 6pm and then a full-blown rock set at The Summit a few hours later with the Retribution Gospel Choir (side project for Low’s Alan Sparhawk) opening.

Duffy’s been asking me for years to convert my old interview cassettes into MP3s for archival purposes. After hanging with the Meat Puppets and their manager, Dennis, in Austin during SXSW a few months ago, I decided that the interview I did with bassist Cris Kirkwood back in ’94 for MOO Magazine would be a good first “From the Chip Midnight archives …” feature. This interview was done shortly after Kurt Cobain killed himself. The Meat Puppets were being hounded with interview requests due to their friendship with Cobain but very few, if any, interviews were being granted. Fortunately, I had put in my request to speak with them BEFORE Cobain died and their publicist, Regina Joskow, let me be one of the few writers to talk to them.

MP3: Cris Kirkwood interview from 1994

While we were waiting for the Kirkwood brothers to finish up recording their Daytrotter session in Austin, Dennis suggested that rather than interview the band, I should take my ’94 interview, and every time they mention Too High to Die (the album they were promoting at the time), I should swap in Sewn Together (the brand new Meat Puppets album). If you give the interview a listen (a little boring at times, I’ll admit – but there is some really funny stuff scattered throughout), you’ll see how easy it could have been to pass it off as a recent interview.

You can check out the feature I did on the Meat Puppets in The Big Takeover (issue 64), on newsstands soon (I’m a subscriber and got my issue in the mail yesterday).