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Video: VICE Says This “Larry Zonka” Freestyle is Why They Signed Action Bronson

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 Vice sent out this video because they ate steaks with Action Bronson at Peter Lugers and then went to one his shows that had something to do with Converse Rubbertracks at the Williamsburg Music Hall after they signed him..   Noisey is dropping a video for Bird on the Wire  from that show tomorrow. And I guess they were so stoked that after murdering the crowd that Bronson did this that they unbuttoned their top button and got fronted a bag of cocaine because they felt they had made a good rap investment. Well, the press release said nothing about cocaine or their pants. But I gotta keep it sexy.

Action Bronson is playing Skully’s in Columbus, Ohio on October 12th.

Watch: Cute Kids Have A TV Party To Black Flag

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Vice’s music channel Noisey does this series where they get kids reaction to music. They wanted me to share their best segment yet. They give kids “beer” and get the kids reaction. The kids are British so it is extra cute.

Kathy Griffin And Anderson Cooper Discuss A$ap Rocky & Danny Brown

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Posting this one late because the power was out all day in Central Ohio because monsoon.

Last week we posted a video of A$ap Rocky & Danny Brown discussing older women that they would do it with for Noisey.  One of those women was Kathy Griffin. Well, Kathy Greffin saw the discussion and brought it up on her Bravo TV  Show.  Watch her and Anderson Cooper(!) talk about how they are feeling Danny Brown & A$ap Rocky and rap in general.

Video: Danny Brown & A$ap Rocky DIscuss Sexing Older Famous Women

Noisey has Danny Brown & A$ap Rocky going back and forth about pulling women off social networks, who they hate in the industry, and what famous older women they would like to have sexual intercourse with. Spoiler: Danny Brown wants to hook up with Elvira Mistress of the Dark. A$ap wants to hump Cher.

discussion after the jump.
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Vice @ Internet Week Schedule

I read and look at the internet sometimes. I also read and look at Vice. I actually read Vice before there was an internet so I am happy they know each other. Vice is having an Internet Week this week in NY.  Vice’s founder Shane Smith is going to give a Keynote address. DJ Q-tip and Tim Sweeney will deejay an afterparty. that Action Bronson is performing at. There will be panels on lots of net stuff from the 5 verticals of Vice. If you are like me and only on the internet and not in NY; you can stream it here. If you are in New York; then experience internet week in person. Itinerary after the jump:

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Sell Drugs As Wavves in “Weed Demon” Video Game

MP3: Anamanaguchi- So Bored (Wavves Cover)

Wavves’ Nathan Williams describes his new video game Weed Demon in which you traffic drugs in suburban neighborhoods as such:

“It’s like Paper Boy but you deliver drugs and you feed a monster meth at the end. I’ve been recording. Having fun with this kind of stuff on the side. Thanks to Mishka, Vice, and everyone helping me do random shit like this. Hope we can turn weed demon into an app someday.”
– Nathan of Wavves

Play Weed Demon on Vice.com

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Vice Launches YouTube Channel

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Vice is announcing a launch of a You-tube Channel today. You like Epicly Later’d.?  Vice’s Guide to North Korea?   Noisey?  HBO?

After the jump read the press-release and also watch the orientation video above. Or just jump right in.
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MP3: Black Lips – “Dance With You”

MP3: Black Lips — Dance With You (spin)

Black Lips  leak one of two new unreleased b-sides from their  “Sick Of You” single. Sick of You in on the Lips’ recently released album Arabia Mountain on Vice Records

The Black Lips festival tourdates after the jump.

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Video: Danny Brown Noisey Freestyle About Drugs

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Have you ever been hit by a car? I have but that’s not as interesting as Danny Brown freestyling above about drugs after discussing an automobile accident with Noisey. The adderall admiral also discusses how the gap in his teeth makes it so he can provide enjoyable oral sex with women but not properly eat a Hot Dog. I guess he is fortunate that he is not Cazwell.

Video: The Odd Future Pop-Up Shop In NYC

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Odd Future sold-out the Hammerstein Ballroom last night in NYC. But before they did that Odd Future WolfGang Kill Them All also opened up a Pop-Up shop in the L.E.S. In the video above, Vice’s Noisey channel catches up with the Wolfgang at OF’s Pop-Up Shop.

Tyler, the Creator breaks down his feelings of being a clothing designer. Also kinda funny is Tyler’s bff explaining  his reaction to being  the goofy white kid on the cover of the newest  Odd Future Release, The OF TAPE Vol 2 which  came out Tuesday.