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Favorite Albums of 2011: Wes Flexner

30.Mobb Deep-Black Cocaine

MP3: Mobb Deep- Conquer

I like Houston rap as much as the next guy. But sometimes a man enjoys Henroc out of a stryofoam cup instead of lean and sprite. Prodigy is home, and he is voting for Ron Paul like some sort of Q-Boro Vince Gallo. While I am not voting for Ron Paul this EP knocks.

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Three Years at The Monster House

Jimi “James” Payne posted this over on Banalization.

James “Jimi” Payne

For the past three years I have lived in the Monster House, a DIY punk house in Columbus, Ohio. I co-founded the Monster House with Pat Crann, Austin Eilbeck, Ryan Eilbeck, Jeff Love, Kristina Markey, Matt O’Conke, Joe Scarbro, Dylan Taylor-Lehman, and Nick Wong. A few weeks ago the last three original roommates – besides me – left. And, as of this week, I’m moving out as well. A group of our friends still living at the Monster plan to continue hosting shows and events. On October 8th, Apache DropoutLandlordReverse The Curse, and Cody Troyan are performing there.

After “the jump” is a list of every performer who occasioned the “stage” at the Monster House in the last three years. 400 different performers have played over 150 shows booked by over 20 promoters. The list is representative of the Columbus punk scene as well as the national DIY touring circuit from 2007-10.

More than 30 people paid rent at the house during this time span.

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Weedsteeler Wednesday at Bristol Bar


America’s Number 1 Source for News, Weedsteeler.com is sending two of our finest to an inside-job city in style with a party at Bristol Bar this evening. The music will be provided by the usual cast of total shit-maniacs(sorry only Columbus staffers) ,  Chris Lutzko of the Unholy Two, and Sargent D of Stuff You Will Hate.Com/MetalInquisiton.

The event is hosted by CJ Townsend

Failures/Raw Nerve/Vile Gash/Nukkehammer @ the Legion Tonight

Failures are a New York hardcore group that Mark Mccoy is a member of. Mark Mccoy’s label, Youth Attack, is the label that had the taste and foresight to add Columbus’ Vile Gash to its roster. VG is on this show, as is Nukkehammer and Indiana’s Raw Nerve.
Failures’ last album was a biting critique of the culture of mediocrity that is the norm in many sectors of American and Global society.
The record came complete with a manifesto that warned artists and creative types to be leary of blood sucking opportunists.
Go to this or don’t.

House Show on June 23rd

Cam’ron-I Got It For Cheap.

My neighbors put a lock on the wireless that I was stealing from them.
So I have not been able to update my blog.
So here is what Cam’ron action I missed.

YouTube Preview Image

In previous videos Cam sold drugs in Ohio after picking up the work in Chicago because he couldnt find employment.. The above video is the “I Got it For Cheap” (Prelude) has Cam paying back his supplier. Cam is met with a little rudeness. Which is kinda wack cause he brought his supplier an extra tenstacks. I guess his boss felt like Cam was showing him up or something. Continue reading

Born Bad/Vile Gash/N.O.P. 15th House Tonight

My favorite rap lyric of all time is “I ‘ma sell drugs to anyone in your damn family.” So I am completely in support of Winnipeg band Born Bad’s politics as listed on their myspace account. 80’s influenced hardcore that espouses the hatred of all things? Born Bad put out a record on Fashionable Idiots called Moron Music so it’s evident they are very good with titles and names.
Equally passionately unenthralled Vile Gash and CDR’s Night of Pleasure pretty much make this the best house show since maybe the Cult Ritual show awhile back.

Drunk Driver/Unholy Two/Vile Gash Tonight In Columbus

Pictured above is Chris Ludsko of the Unholy Two, and Atmosphere producer Ant. Atmosphere showed up to So What Wednesdays at Cafe Bourbon Street after their show at the Newport. Somehow Chris Ludsko and Ant ended up being the last two doods in the bar. When its was explained to Ludsko that Ant may look like a creep similar, he is in fact and indie rap producer that has prolly sold a million records. Ludsko said “so the caption should be two hit makers.”
Because I was able to pick Ant out of a crowd, I do not possess the ability to describe Brooklyn’s Drunk Driver. I will say that I am way into the recent trend of band names like Drunk Driver, SexVid, and Eatskull that sound like weirdo hipster graffiti handles like Earsnot, Neckface, and Thug Mayor crica 2003.
Drunk Driver’s album is called Born Pregant.

Vile Gash will continue to wish Dyspareunia on us all.

Daymon Day Parade 2008: Yessir!

The 3rd Annual Daymon Day happened last Saturday. People treated it like a holiday. They honored friendship, being welcoming, kind, exciting and adsurdly funny.

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Daymon Day Parade 9-20-2008

YouTube Preview Image

If you are a human being and consider yourself  someone who likes culture, art, music or anything….. Basically, if you like anything at all and aren’t a terrible unhappy person for chrissakes watch the above video. It’s of last year’s Daymon Day Parade.  Even if you are a terrible, unhappy person still watch the above video because maybe it will brighten you day.  Seriously watch the video.

Watched it? Way better than any desription I could ever give.

Anyway, the 3rd Annual Daymon Day Parade is upon us honoring Racist Joe aka So What born Daymon Dodson. We also tip our hats to Przm, Camu Tao, Heist, Phrite, Nasty Nate and anyone else that has passed away. This isn’t just about Daymon. It’s about making something negative into a joyous moment. Your devotions will find a vehicle.

The parade is starting at 5th & High this year. We were unable to secure a permit for Tuttle Park like previous years. But the good people involvedwith the Gay Street Festival downtown were nice enough to extend a stage to us so people could gather outdoors after the parade.

On that stage will be performances by Youth Attack’s Vile Gash, and The Catalyst (ODOT/Thought Set) DJ Detox and Tru Skills will hold the alley down between acts. The festival is free.

So this year the parade starts at 5th and High. It leaves promptly at 6. Our good friends at Milk Bar have offered us space to assemble. We will have dejays set up there at around 4. Milk Bar isn’t a pretentious boutique. It’s also not a bar. So kids are a ok.  So everyone please feel comfortable.

Anyway. Columbus loved Daymon. Parades are fun. Walking in the middle of High Street during a game day only comes once a year. So even if you didn’t know Daymon you can feel free to show up. He made everyone at ease when he was out. So it’s that spirit that will be in place. It’s about enjoying life. Bring an instrument or drum to make noise. We are trying to have a marching band. If the marching bad turns out either atonal like a No Wave performance or as fluid as a New Orleans funeral band regardless it will be tremendous.

Here are a couple MP3’s by the artist performing after the parade. They are abrasive but fitting for this paticular legacy of Columbus Music.

MP3: Vile Gash: Cleanse The World

MP3: The Catalyst: Excuse Me