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Envelope Is Not A Coward:Pt 1-Sharkbolt Release Party

Photos by DKLINE

Columbus rapper Envelope dropped a cd recently called Sharkbolt. You should buy it. It’s not a very costly entertainment expense. The theme of the album is that as long as you do drugs, or drink you will be able to bond with your friends. 17 dollars should get you a cd, a square meal, and a 40. Does 30 dollars still get you a ten strip these days?

One day Envelope and I went and saw Mick Boogie at Boma. After the show, I left with Thought Set to go to Cashola’s house. Tony went elsewhereee.

On getting back to the Washington Beach area, our party remained in the road because because Thought Set and Cashola were sparking an L on the corner of Medary and ?????. (Even though I don’t smoke weed, I still can’t recall the intersection.) My completely ancient ringtone that has Jim Jones yelling at me to “pick up the phone stupid” screamed on me at about 3:45 am . After answering my phone to quiet the Capo, on other end was an angry Envelope wanting us to come help him fight. Weed makes people peaceful we didn’t make it there. So Envelope came to us.

Envelope shows up with a bloody hand from punching out a car window. He was obviously upset, so Cashola goes inside his home and finds a computer to break in the residential area’s street. Continue reading