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Wale Returns To Columbus Tonight

Photo stolen once again from Steve Lieb’s The Grip

MP3: Wale-Chillin-ft-lady-gaga

Wale is returning to Columbus tonight. Last time Wale was in town, I enjoyed myself so immensely that I rambled about it on here with this show review which will prolly alienate any new female readers who were under the misconception that I am a decent human because of DW’s Tucker Maxx coverage. This show should be even more funner because Wale is being backed by a Go-Go band.

(DMV natives —>Meta4ce, DCKareem stand-up)

Tonight’s extravaganza is at the Garage Bar which I am told is in the Arena District(you know that weird area that looks like the future in a really mundane, unimagnitive sci-fi movie.. A few pre-sales are still available at Milkbar & the internet somewhere( 10 dollars)

Tickets are 12 at the door. The show’s promoter Schoolboy said the set times look like this:

lineup is
dj inform 9-11
poitier pockets 11:15
the 3rd 11:30
tanya morgan and big sean 12
wale 12:30
ucb will probably jam with wale for about an hr
inform will close it out, or any other good dj who wants to jump on the decks and has a laptop with them

Wale-Nike Boots Official Video

YouTube Preview Image

People been asking, “Where dat bol Wale at? I thought he was supposed to blow?” Then they want to question the hype he was recieving. Be easy,  Wale signed to Interscope. Things take a second. Here is his first video. It’s for the song Nike Boots. This is different than the one that had been floating around on mixtapes. It doesn’t have Wayne on it or the DC Native complaining about i-tunes. This version has Wale breaking down the intricacies of trying to make it out of and rep D.C. Video is fresh and has cameos from Bun B, Young Chris & Neef of YG’s, 9th Wonder and more.

Flyer Than The Rest: Wale in Columbus Show Review

Photo’s By Steve “Homeschool” Lieb check his blog The Grip .

MP3: Wale & Catchdubs:100 Miles & Running Mixtape

Wale came to Columbus this week. The DC rapper had just announced that Interscope had signed him. Bun B, Pharrell, Kanye, Lil Wayne would be fucking with him on his album. Wale had been rolling with Marc Ronson for awhile and had a strong buzz.

So I was kinda curious what that translates to on a 12-15 dollar ticket in Columbus,Ohio. We are 2.5 kids and dog and all. Coke Zero and Clear Pepsi didn’t test well. But we did invent the digital screen that tells you how much your Wendy’s is. So I guess we are a good gauge of whats gonna fly between the coasts.

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