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Greenhouse Hits SXSW & Nation With Killah Priest.

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Columbus Rapper Blueprint sent out this press release about his group Greenhouse’s SXSW and National touring plans.Above is a video Greenhouse made to get people up to speed about the group. Below are the dates:

Greenhouse Tour Dates

It’s official, the Greenhouse crew (Blueprint, Illogic, & DJ Rare Groove) will be touring this spring in support of their EP Electric Purgatory Part One.  This tour begins at the SXSW Music Conference and heads westward from there.  They will be opening up for Killah Priest of the Wu-Tang Clan on this tour, so please come out and support them on their travels.  It has been over 5 years since Blueprint & Illogic toured together and they will be playing all the Weightless classics. The first have of the tour dates have been published and are as follows:

Saturday March 20th @ Ruta Maya
3601 S. Congress – Austin, TX 78701
12am-4am / All Ages

Sunday March 21  @ Highland Lake’s Marina (End of SXSW Boat Party)
16120 Wharf Cove – Volente, TX 78641
2pm-8pm / Ages 21+

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Grindtime:Zerostar vs. Remyd Battle in Chicago

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I am not gonna pretend to be interested in battle rapping on the most part. It usually comes off like a bunch of Hip Hop comic book nerds on some Marcon meets dooded playing Mortal Kombat with 15 friends in dirtweed basement on Friday Night.

 But Columbus rapper Zerostar battled St. Louis rapper Remyd in Chicago. From my understanding this Grindtime  battle league is a big deal. Remyd takes it, but I feel like Zero proves why Columbus is better than most places cause the hip hop scene isn’t a bunch of corny nerds.

Remyd best verse is his third where he basically calls Zero a hipster by referencing Drake and Jay-z. Which is funny cause Zero is backpacking  a mfer, that just happens  to live in a city that isn”t redundant. Almost blame the MilkBar on that one and having unique rappers like Jakki in our cities history.

Anyway, Look at the fat whitedood who looks like he is getting an erection everytime Remyd raps.

MP3-Greenhouse feat The Catalyst-Cold Out Here

MP3: Greenhouse Featuring The Catalyst-Cold Out Here

My favorite two hip hop songs so far this Winter  are Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C”,  and this Greenhouse/Catalyst collab, ” Cold Out Here” from Greenhouse’s EP, Electric Purgatory. On “Cold Out Here” all three emcees bring sobering depictions of how harsh these times can be.
Print raps about how stifling the world is right now, especially with the economy still fucked. Illogic speaks on ignoring detractors. And the Catalyst confesses to being an intoxicated, combustable mixture of talent and self-destructive tendencies in the midst of indifference.
Don’t sleep on the Thought Setter’s verse. Perfect for the winter blahs.

On Jan 30th, Greenhouse will be premiering the video for “Cold out Here” at Carabar. The show is free, all ages and will feature perfomances by Greenhouse, Apocalypse Inc., Johnny Cashola and All Eyes Path.

Blueprint Video Blog

Columbus rap group Greenhouse Effect is putting out a new ep next week called “Electric Purgatory”. They have a release party next Saturday, November 28th at Skullys.
Greenhouse Effect’s new line-up is Blueprint and Illogic.
Print’s been video blogging about the process building towards the release.

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This shows Blueprint scoping out spots for a video shoot. He visits Used Kids, the Dube, the Fairgrounds, the traintracks and the Daymon Day Wall.

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RILLA Schematics

MP3:Greenhouse-Gettin There

A lot times I get emailed MP3’s and they aren’t near anything but my blackberry so I don’t get to put them up until they are a few days old. So I’ve decided from now on, when I post images of drawings, I will add a song.

Rakim In Columbus Tonight

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I used to shoplift  magazines from Little Professor Bookstore  that debated this song as Existentialism’s first arrival into Hip Hop. So then I started stealing books with Existentialism in the title.

Never seen Rakim live.  Blueprint and Illogic open for him  tonight @ Alrosa Villa.

Pretty excited.

Daymon Day 2009 Photos & Videos

A few weeks ago we celebrated the 4th annual Daymon Day here in Columbus. We had a basketball tourney, tribute mural, emcee battle, parade and a rowdy dance party. We got our Rucker park on and then brought it into the streets.

For those that aren’t familar with Daymon Day but like things perhaps reading this article before or after viewing the following videos and pictures might give you some background info.

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This video shot by A.J.(i think) shows the parade.

Watch it if you think marching 300 plus people in the middle of the road to Black Sabbath, Dilla, Cam’ron, M.O.P. , DJ Przm, Camu Tao, Jim Jones,Pharoah Monche and Racist Joe instrumentals to honor their fallen loved ones on an OSU gameday sounds interesting.

Photos taken by Danielle Kline that show a different detail after the jump. Continue reading

Zerostar vs. Ec Vol:MC Battle @ Daymon Day Park Jam

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In a further effort to make Daymon Day New York City circa 88, we will have an emcee battle after our verision of the Rucker Tourney.Around 530

Zerostar will battle EC Vol of Intricate Sunz on while people do names big.

After the battle, the parade ensues at 8pm. September 19th. Tuttle Park

MP3-Faronhite(Intricate Sunz)-Hollow_Tip

MP3:Zerostar-Are We There Ep




Local D.I.Y. rappers A.P.(Alleyespath) are playing with Busdriver, Abstract Rude and Illogic at the Circus tonight here in Columbus. If you like Anti-Pop Consortium, then you prolly would dig A.P. and their new album “Here” ,out on Go Die Kids Records.

MP3:Zerostar-Opposite Day

MP3:Zerostar-Opposite Day

The concept for “Opposite Day” is pretty self-explainatory. On opposite day the world is fair and Zerostar likes rappers that he normally doesn’t find up to par.  Zero executes the song very well because he is more proficient at talking in rhythmic patterns over minimal but authoritive production than the majority of people that persue such activities.

If you are feeling “Opposite Day”  then download Zero’s new EP, “Are we there yet?”.