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Envelope Is Performing @ CD101 Summerfest

Cd101 summerfest just got wavy . Envelope won the contest of public opinion. Oddly enough, he may be the only rapper in Columbus that truely follows the traditional formula of blowing up in his city. Neighborhood backing—->Crews—->Rocking the Party—->Record Sales—->Radio play.

(Granted radio play is on CD101 not 107.5, record sales are at indie rock stores not hoodspots, the party is either at Skullys or Bourbon Street not Icon or Club Ice, the Crews are BSA, Thought Set, Weightless instead of the Bloods, and his neighborhood is Clintonville not Livingston Ave. )

Too Short, told y’all:”Get in where you fit in”.

Anyway ,Envelope will be performing on @ the LC alongside Matt & Kim,  Stellastar —-who has some song that isn’t about spatial intelligence or night vision—- called Graffiti Eyes,Black Joe Louis and Honey Bears,the Living Things, Band of Skulls,  and Company of Thieves.

Tickets are 5 bucks.

Good job Columbus.

Illogic (little interview w Me) Video + Tourdates + Rmx w Aesop Rock / Slug / Zero

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Illogic for a feature in the Alive. He spliced footage of this interview with footie of his release parties in Dayton and Columbus for this video thats circulating the internet.

Illogic is mad eloquent. I am mad hung-over.

I am not the only weird-o eccentric writerdood that Illogic is circulating the net with currently. Hip Hop DX is streaming the rmx of Diabolical Fun that features longtime penpal’s Slug, Aesop Rock & Columbus rapper Zero Star. Listen to the remix here–>Hip Hop DX
Watch video of Aesop recording his words here–>here

Zero will Join Illogic & DJ Manwell on the upcoming Diabolical Fun Tour. If you are wierd white poet writerdood please interrupt Zerostar anytime he is talking to a girl & ask him how he feels about the hole in the OZONE layer and/or tell him all your girl problems. Continue reading

Blueprint Announces New Instrumental Album & New Blog

It will be a little longer before Blueprint’s next Rhymesayer album “Adventures in Counter-Culture” hits stores. In the meantime, the Columbus rapper/producer has a couple things to hold his fans over. Print is taking pre-orders for a limited-edition instrumental album that will be availble exclusively on www.weightless.net called “Sign Language”.

Here is an MP3 from “Sign Language”:

MP3 :Blueprint-Numb

In case you miss Prints’ words & opinions often heard in his raps, fear not. Print has also just launched a new blog called More Music Less Bullshit.

NYE in Columbus:From Bobo to Juelz Santana


Juelz  Dip Dip. Santana Set Set.

Columbus rules because in one night Psychedelic Horseshit, Unholy Two, Blueprint, Envelope, The Catalyst, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones and Weedsteeler all partook in New Years Eve events.

After the jump it gets uncomfortable and self-indulgent.

Continue reading

Illogic: One Bar Left Ep Free Download

Illogic is giving away a free ep called One Bar Left. It’s produced by Ill Poetic. Illogic will be performing at Cafe Bourbon Street as part of the 2-year Aniversary of So What Wednesdays this week. Intricate Sunz will open. Blueprint will host. This download will show what Illogic and Ill Poetic have in store for Illogic’s new album Diabolical Fun, due out on Weightless on March 24th, 2009.

MP3: Illogic-One Bar Left Ep

If you want to buy the cd of this it will be availble at the show. For more info head over to  www.weightless.net.

New Envelope Album Coming July 11 – First MP3

MP3: Oh My My My by Envelope

Columbus’ number 1 son, Envelope, is finally dropping the follow-up to his local classic, Insignificant Anthems. The new album Sharkbolt comes out July 8th. Lope will have a release party July 11th at Skullys here in Columbus..

I don’t want to give too much at this point.,,, But I can say it is produced entirely by Blueprint, and Shark Bolt is much darker than his previous album. Dood also got a little cynical. Shit a lot happened in the past couple years.

Portishead Remixxxed

MP3: Ill Poetic Presents Mood Music Third-Joe Buddens Remixed with Portishead

Cincy rapper/producer Ill Poetic has taken Joe Buddens critically acclaimed mixtape Mood Music Three, and remixed with it Portishead. Its a pretty good idea because Buddens had a lot of things to say on MM. And Portishead always provides a lot textured emotion.

Of course the drawback is that Portishead it is literally mood music. Buddens is dope. But is anyone trying to fuck to some dood rapping about his hard feelings towards the Big Homie, Jay-z?

Then again on Budden’s 2003 hit, “Pump it Up” dood did prove himself as a regular Henry Miller over here, by saying, “Ma wanna fall in love like I’m cupid. Telling me she don’t give brain like I’m stupid .You can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

All jokes aside, Ill Poetic is a refined producer so this project works really well. If you saw Ill Poetic at the Dilla tribute at So What Wednesdays a couple months ago, then you definatly can tell dood has spent time in the lab. So Mood Music Third works. Be on the look out for Ill Poetic in general. He produced Illogic’s next album Diabolical Fun, due out on Weightless in the fall.

Blueprint vs. Funkadelic EP: Download For Free

MP3: Blueprint vs. Funkadelic EP

Blueprint is giving away his new EP, Blueprint vs. Funkadelic, for free on this and a selected few sites. The cd is a limited run of 500. It can be purchased on Weightless.net and a couple stores around the country. I chopped it up with Print a couple nights ago as he prepared for his Wednesday release party at Cafe Bourbon Street in Columbus. We talked P-Funk, Aliens, the future of Weightless, and the Sean Bell Verdict.

I used to hate on the West Coast for using so much Funkadelic in the Early 90’s. Its kinda died down now. What made you gravitate towards devoting a whole project to it?

I felt it was kind of played as well, but what I think the difference is that a lot of what they sampled was actually Parliament, and not Funkadelic. Granted, they’re both groups that George Clinton started and lead, but the Funkadelic catalog wasn’t pillaged as much as the Parliament catalog because Parliament was more successful than Funkadelic.

Until recently I personally didn’t really know the difference because people always referred to them as P-Funk as if they were the same, but as I started to listen to Funkadelic’s catalog i realized it’s a lot different than Parliament’s catalog, and it also sounds different. Truthfully, I didn’t even put much thought into the creation of it. One day I was listening to an album of theirs and I heard all types of good breaks that hadn’t been used. That by itself changed my opinion about Funkadelic and made me really see how different the two groups were.

Whats the difference between Blueprint vs. Funkadelic and a Mash-up?

Well i think the standard “mash-up” is basically about taking vocals or lyrics that aren’t really new, and are fairly popular mixed with instrumentals that are already sort of popular and bringing the two worlds together. The stuff I’ve done with the Greenhouse vs Radiohead and now with the Blueprint vs Funkadelic project is more from a fan and producer’s perspective. I sit around listening to these records and I do them as a fan first. I just start making beats out of everything that i think is usable then i start putting rhymes to it. Sometimes the rhymes are songs that I’ve had lying around for a while, and other times they’re things i write to the beats. Sometimes there may be something that I start on a record like this and eventually flesh out and take a little bit further on another project I’m working on. It’s something that only takes me about a week or so to do because I try to really be in the moment with it, but sometimes the looseness of it is what really helps it comes together. I don’t want it to sound like i really thought it out. I want it to sound really fun and as lo-fi as possible. The only thing that prevented this project from coming out sooner was that I couldn’t find any audio interviews of the members of the bad talking for a while, but after I found that it really helped bring it together.

Who Flipped P-Funk The Best?

I’d say the D.O.C “Diggy Diggy Doc.

Your last solo album, 1988 sold like 15,000 copies. What did you decide to do a run of cd’s limited to 500 and give it away as a free download?

Truthfully it’s kind of an experiment. When I first started doing records i had this tendency to hold back for a special situation or time before I put things out, but I dont think that’s really necessary anymore because the model for getting music to people has changed so much.

Personally, I’m not into holding things back anymore. I love doing music too much. As an artist or label, you can determine the scope of a release much easier now than you could before and that’s kind of what I’m doing this for. It’s primarily for people who last heard me on 1988 and have been waiting on something new from me. Right now, I look at it as just one release of many that will start seeing the daylight. I want to see how people respond to this and hopefully people download it and share it with their friends if they like it. Continue reading

New Zerostar Mixtape

Zero Star, who recently wrote a blog on Art of Rhyme about animals he thinks he could beat up, following up his genius tribute blogging about big girls earlobes, just dropped an illy mixtape. If you don’t know about Zero? Well he raps in technical patterns about how dope he is at rapping or sex. He also likes to tell humorous antidotes and reflect on issues facing black folks. Zero tends to rap over beats that are either raw as fuck or soulful. And for you Downwaiting friendlies the mixtape’s price is free99.

Take’em or Erase’em: the mp3 mixtape
Download: here or here


1. Intro: Take’em or Erase’em (Prod. Ree-Dic)
2. Sheeeesh (Prod. Blueprint)
3. The Real Thing (Prod. Ill Poetic)
4. Random Tales (Prod. K81)
5. You Wish (Prod. Przm)
6. Deeper ’07 (Tribute to Bo$$)
7. Lookin 4 Me Remix (Feat. V-Hyphen [Prod. Przm)
8. Criminology 101 Freestyle
9. Forever’s Never (Prod. Ree-Dic)
10. Reality (Prod. Ree-Dic)
11. Wordperfect Remix pt. 2 (Prod. Przm..RIP)
12. We Gone Roll (Prod. Pete Rock)
13. Fast Shit (Prod. Blueprint)
14. BlueStar (Prod. Blueprint)
15. Lo Fi Funk Freestyle (Prod. Blueprint)
16. Another Time (Feat. Blueprint [Prod. Ree-Dic)
17. Follow Me (Prod. Grmm)
18. Shotgun Freestyle (Prod. J Dilla)
19. Flashing Lights Freefall (Prod. Kanye West)
20. Yaaaa… RIP Przm (Prod. Przm)
21. The Hole (Prod. K81)
22. Outro: Jazzyball Rideout (Prod. Ree-Dic)

Zerostar will rap at the Weightless N.Y.E. Show. More info here on the bored.

Early Blueprint Song

Print was going through some old music and posted this on Weightless.net today.

Greenhouse Effect “1997” demos – this is before up to speed…the demos that ended up being up to speed but completely different beats…plus there’s like 4 or 5 solo songs i did that i completely forgot about like an original version of time management w different lyrics. This shit is wild to listen to. I sound like a cross between cl smooth and somebody from the pharcyde…but the rhymes are suprisingly not wack. inkwel sounds superlaid back, but dope. I had no idea i ever put this stuff on a cd. Its about an hrs worth of shit w/ random interludes on it.

Then he gave away a mp3 of an early Greenhouse Effect song. It’s pretty good. Kinda details why and how he started making music.

MP3:Greenhouse EffectToo Busy Building