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Video: Peter Hadar – “Your Body” (Starring Former Donewaiting Staff Writer Jessica Morgan)

One of the best things about Columbus during the holidaze is catching up with all the people that return from New York to visit their familys.
Well, I spent some quality time with former Donewaiting Staff writer Jessica Morgan this week.
If you recall, Jessica wrote for our site briefly.
Unfortunately, she did not have time to fully to pursue a lucrative profession as a blogger because the Brooklyn transplant had to focus on graduate school, work, and a burgeoning career as a R+B video temptress.
Miss Morgan was over at the Flexner Center a couple days ago, and shared this Peter Hadar video she starred in with me via Okayplayer. Believe me, Jessica and I have a really hilarious XXL Magazine Eye Candy-style interview in the works.

Video:Birdhouse’s Riley Hawk Skateboarding to the Black Keys

(via Shred or Die)

Imagine being Tony Hawk’s son and coming home from skating.

“Son, you know I love you and I will support you regardless. But next time you do a big gap, try to find one with a handrail to ollie over as well.
We aren’t getting any younger here, and we need some footie. And for christsakes nollie flip that 15 step. ”

Higher Level Art Show at the Milk Bar Tonight

Higher Level Art is throwing an art show at the Milk Bar tonight 5-10 pm.
On the low, this art show has some really internationally famous artists involved.
On the er Higher Level uhm, here are links to Higher Level Art’s mural welcoming T.O. to the Bengals and their Paint the Street Art Project.
Johnny Cashola and DJ Detox will provide the music.
Happy Birthday to Johnny Cashola after jump Continue reading

MP3:Path-The Waking Life (Feat Jacob Wright)

MP3:Path(featuring Jacob Wright)-the Waking Life
MP3:Path-Floating Away Freestyle

The lil homie Path celebrates his 21st Bday today by dropping a song off his album, the Next Big Thing. While that album title maybe showing a bit of rap modesty, I will say that Path has been really supportive of Columbus Hip Hop. Whether its opening up his studio to Fabrashay A for the Art Show or working with local legends like Met of Sa Smash, Meta4ce or Copywrite, in general Path is one of the few people in the current Campus music community that actually is an active student of his city.
These two songs will probably appeal more the Rhymesayer fans in our city than the cats that that grew up on Dipset but saul goode.
The Waking Life features his friend Jacob Wright from a band called I Am Mute.
Path’s Bandcamp

Photos: The Godz @ The Lifestyle Communities Pavilion

Someday I will write story of Columbus graffiti’s roots in Biker rock. Untill then here are some candid pictures of Columbus, Ohio Biker rock legends The Godz.

Eric Moore is my close friend Alex Moore’s dad.

I was unable to go to the November 5th show but another one of our friends, B , caught some candid pictures of the The Godz at the LC and also hanging out out at the Carabar after the show.

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Video:P Blackk-Nothin’ 2 It feat Marz LoveJoy

YouTube Preview Image

New P Blackk video has him strolling the Short North. Download all P Blackk releases here.

Video: Greenhouse “Hello World (Deconstructed)”

YouTube Preview Image

Greenhouse breaks down the making of their song Hello World off of their EP Electric Purgatory 2 out now on Weightless.

From the upcoming Electric Purgatory Part Two: Deconstructed DVD. Edited and directed by Blueprint

MP3:L.e. For the Uncool-The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

MP3:L.e For The Uncool-The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

Columbus emcee Le for the Uncool gives a quick follow-up the Measure.
This quick 15 minute ep is produced by J Rawls, Path, Rashad Thomas, & Grimmface and guests the Milk N Syrup guys. Somehow it manages to ask people pay homage, have lo-fi moments, referance Malcolm X, bring the X-Files to Harlem in Mobb Deepish story form, announce that Le is a hood dude that has taste instead being a “hype beast” and end with soul sample driven love song..

The second song, thePath joint, was seriously made on Wednesday, cause Meta4ce and i shot thru the session after hitting the Vegan Potluck at the St. James Tavern. Fabrshay-A is on the song not Meta. And Fab rips it. It was cool to see a few rappers trade stories and different time periods of Columbus rap.

Columbus rap is doing well, b.

MP3:P.Blackk feat. Brandun Deshay & Nemo Achido-Izuaintorizuwiti?

MP3:P.Blackk-Izuaintorizuwitit_ Feat. Brandun Deshay & Nemo Achida

Milk N Syrup’s’s youngest in charge, P. Blackk teams up with Brandon Deshay , and Louisville’s Nemo to ask izuwidit?
Moneywrench (Iyeball & J. Swift of Fly Union on the beat)

MP3:Deathly Fighter-Depth Charge

MP3-Deathly Fighter- DEPTH CHARGE

To say Deathly Fighter’s Depth Charge sounds like the start of the end of the human condition would be very obvious. To say that you want to have outdoor sex on rubble, and run around with expensive robes and looted items is really obvious.
What would you do with lobsters at Krogers? And would you head to Easton, or the Horseshoe? Or would either be too much work to make a “come-up”?
Do you have guns?

Alot of my friends have been going to the gun shows on the low. They don’t even tell me. Do you have any friends that are stockpiling guns legally?
That is weird thing to think about when you are looking at the price of gas.
When someone tells you aliens will land anytime…do you act like you already knew that?
Do you like Obama or 5 Black Isrealites outside saying he is in the Illumanti more?

A.Your girlfriend would rather you shop at Easton.

This song is off Deathly Fighter’s excellent COMPLETELY DUSTED which is now available on Columbus DIscount Records