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Photos: Sharon Van Etten, Julianna Barwick in Columbus

Sharon Van Etten, Julianna Barwick
Wexner Center I Columbus, OH
Jan. 21, 2011

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Interview: Sharon Van Etten and Aaron Dessner of The National

Sharon Van Etten’s seven-song release of 2010, Epic, appeared on many best of the year lists, including NPR’s and Mr. Duffy’s, and she opened the Pitchfork Music Festival in July. Her personal, confessional songs have won her enthusiastic fans. She’ll perform with Julianna Barwick at the Wexner Center on Friday (Jan. 21). Catch her with her band as she shares songs from her latest release, and maybe a few new ones. Below she highlights the way the songs have changed over time and gives us a glimpse of the future.

Also, the bottom of the post has some thoughts from Aaron Dessner of The National, who is producing Van Etten’s next record (“At the moment I hear walls of organs and some weirder guitar textures/noise…”).

I chatted with Sharon as she was walking around on a “beautiful blue sky, freezing day” with Brad Cook of Megafaun, who was in New York for her Bowery Ballroom show January 8th. The sold-out show included a cover of REM’s Strange Occurrences. Sharon explained the cover: “I am really psyched for their new record to come out. I recently found an old album, Monster, and that song is my favorite on that record.”

Are you and Brad sharing new songs you have been working on?

Yeah, he’s been playing me new songs, and I have been playing him new songs, and it’s been a nice way of catching up.
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Mountain Goats coming to Wexner Center April 11

MP3: The Mountain Goats – Tyler Lambert’s Grave

I don’t know when John Darnielle was in Columbus last, but it’s been too long. Seems like he’d always go to some random college where I couldn’t get tickets. The Wex should be the perfect spot to see the Mountain Goats.

Video: Times New Viking as tour guide

Times New Viking gave Rhapsody a tour of TNV-relevant Columbus spots as part of the website’s “Guide to the Galaxy” feature. There’s CCAD, Topiary Garden, Wexner Center w/ fast-forwarded Jerry Dannemiller & Matt Horseshit cameos, Blue Danube, Kyle & Lost Weekend, Musicol (sorta) and Bourbon St. (“You ever see Kings of Leon change a trash bag?”)

Because Rhapsody is really cutting-edge, they decided not to give an embed option, so that’s a smaller-sized hack version. Bigger video here.

New Times New Viking album in 2011. If it sounds anything remotely like “No Room to Live” I will love it. 300%.

Donewaiting.com Presents Live at Electraplay: Ólöf Arnalds (+mp3)

YouTube Preview Image

MP3: Olof Arnalds – Surrender (live at Electraplay)

Last month, I had the good fortune to sit down with Ólöf Arnalds and her partner Davíð when they visited Columbus. If you unwisely chose not to treat yourself to her show at the Wex on October 15th, you now can now find their exclusive Electraplay session here, plus an exclusive live MP3 of “Surrender.” In-studio performances include “Crazy Car” above and “Innundir Skinni,” “Surrender” and “Madrid” below.

Love that Davíð is sporting the “Ohio Against the World” T-shirt. He told me an animated story about how it had been given to him in Cincinnati.
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Happy 21st Birthday Wexner Center

I was going thru the twitters and I noticed today was the Wexner Center’s 21st Bday. So I figured we should say Happy Birthday a place that is dedicated to bringing our city comtempary art and music. This list is not definitive. I wasnt at Jim Jarmusch or Martin Scorsayzee. There are a million things I have missed. There is no you-tube of the Sunn-o show. Or Edan opening for Prefuse 73. I have no idea who the Neurtron Milk Hotel is so this is just a polite thank you and reminder to appreciate the Wex.

1.YouTube Preview Image

Times New Viking “Rip It Off” Release party. I believe the Feelers opened.

2.YouTube Preview Image

Not sure which RJD2 show this was but..it wasn’t the one where Johnny Cashola managed to sneak a full draft beer in or the one where a 17 year-old CJ Townsend crowd surfed.

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Photos: Ólöf Arnalds @ Wex, Electraplay

Ólöf Arnalds
Wexner Center I Columbus, OH
Oct. 15, 2010

MP3: Crazy Car

Arnalds also stopped by Electraplay the next day to film a live session for donewaitingTV. Be on the lookout for those videos in the next few weeks. Shots from the Live at Electraplay session and more pics from the Wexner Center after the jump. Continue reading

Video: Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – “You Won’t Let Me Down Again”

The pair will play the Wexner Center on Oct. 21 with Willy Mason. Tickets here. Hawk is out now.

Thursday at the Wex: Califone

MP3: Funeral Singers

Not only will Chicago’s Califone perform a rock set at the Wexner Center this Thursday (8/26), they’ll also provide the live soundtrack to a screening of singer Tim Rutili’s film All My Friends Are Funeral Singers (trailer above). Apparently the film is about a fortune teller named Zel who lives in a house full of ghosts. The band will play a carefully timed, 90-minute set under dim light. I keep coming back to the dense, spooky album of the same name, so I’m pretty excited to see how all this unfolds live alongside the film. And I’m hoping for a rock set heavy on Roots and Crowns material… Tickets $14 here.

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Photos/Review: Rachel Grimes, On Fillmore in Columbus

Photos by Ed Luna
Though I was very much anticipating this show, it turned out I really had no idea what I was in store for. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a set of only piano music, but Rachel Grimes (of Rachel’s) effortlessly filled the Wexner Center‘s performance space with composed, emotional, divine music. Between donewaiting, Benco and events that I accidentally end up attending, I find myself seeing more live music than ever these days. Though more often than not they are bands I enjoy hearing in my free time, I can’t help but secretly wish for the sets to pass quickly when I’m in attendance. This may be due to my busybody nature, but in the case of Saturday night, I was dreading the end of the show. Grimes proved to be a truly exquisite composer and performer live and translated a sense of calmness very well from music to audience. Continue reading