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Interview: The Willowz

The Willowz return to Columbus tonight to start their short December tour in support of the just-released CD, Everyone. I first caught onto to the Willowz a few years back after hearing “Cons and Tricks” which reminded me a lot of early Sparklehorse. I quickly realized that the Willowz have more in common (influence wise) with bands like the White Stripes than they do Sparklehorse and after Richie mentions the Strange Boys in the following interview, I see the similarities between the Willowz and those guys too. (Ooooh, how I’d LOVE to see a Willowz/Strange Boys show!).

These questions were sent at the last minute and answered at the last minute so I didn’t take time to do any editing with Richie’s answers (ie – capitalization, punctuation, etc.). But, the answers Richie provided make me love this band even more.

Since it will all come out eventually, how many of you had illicit relations with Tiger Woods?
jessica is the only willow to engage in illicit relations with mr.woods…personally, i was extremely turned off by his arrogant manner

If my math is correct, you’ve released at least 35 songs this year between your solo album, Barracks, and the new Willowz full length (I may be missing singles, b-sides, contributions to compilations, etc.). How is that possible? You can’t tell me that all the songs were written this year, can you?
No, i cant…i had sketches of the songs for years and decided to sort them out so the new willowz record would be more cohesive and focused
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