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Wu-Tang Clan and COD Crew’s Rejected Super Gameboy Ad

Wane, reas, wen, relm, jesto, rock a landmark wall in williamsburg brooklyn in 1993 for nintendo corp . the wall was painted entirely with spray paint & live action sequences were filmed. the music was produced by prince paul with voiceovers featuring wu-tang’s rza & ole’ dirty bastard. the video was banned from networks for being too ill.

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Raekwon In Columbus Friday 12.11.09

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Raekwon will be performing at Alrosa Villa, Friday, 12-11-09. Above is the video of Rae’s Blakroc recording session.
Also on the Rae show is Capone N Noreaga and Greenhouse.
Noreaga’s interview in Life Sucks Die Graffiti Magazine is easily the best interview in the history of music journalism.
Read the PDF Here:LSD-Noreaga Interview
So good shot On The Floor for bringing us another banger,
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oh yeah..
after party at Sweatin: Detox and Tititonton

Blakroc: Video of Rza Recording With The Black Keys.

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Remember when Black Keys were in Mass Appeal Magazine alongtime ago?

(I read it at a Books A Million in Lafayatte, Louisiana during the process of stealing the Espo book, “the Art of Getting Over”. I had already placed the book in my pants, and was flipping through magazines to ensure no one was following me.The article was about how this Akron band really liked the Wu-Tang Clan. So I stole that magazine too by curling it up and sliding the periodical up my shirt sleeve. Kinda risky but it was an impulse theft.)

Flash Foward a decade later.

Black Keys doing a Hip Hop album, Blakroc, with a zillion legends.

So Rza walks in the studio and says, ‘can I play some awkward guitar licks for y’all to build off of.’

Black Keys ,” sure!!”

So just as a fan, its kinda bugged to see Rza play guitar, rap and smoke weed with the Arkon band. Enjoyed watching the video throughly.

below is what is what one of the songs with the RZA sounds like. Also features Pharoach Monch of Organized Konfusion/ “Simon Says Get the fuck up” fame.

Blakroc comes out November 27th.

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Gza Disses 50 Cent In Europe

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The GZA tells 50 he is garbage from stage in Europe. Mildy disses Souljah Boy Tell Em. New Wu-Tang album in stores today. The album is pretty dope except for George Clinton still singing about being a dog. It’s 08 George Clinton. Please find a new animal. Be an aligator or a turtle. Anything. Just stop being a damn dog chasing a cat. Turn on that Planet Earth network. They got vampire squids.

Thats the only flaw on the new Wu.