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Drunk With Ron.org/Carabar Afterhours


we are drunk at 4am at your bar. how do you feel about the current climate of columbus?

its on on a down swing. ever 5 years we plungle. kids get very complient with their lifestyles. their lifestyles is very secure. they don’t do have to do much. in this town you can tell people in this town you are an artist.

what did you do? you didn’t do anything. you just didn;t do anything.

but if you that are an artist. does it matter?

its all smoke and mirrors. you can be the sweetest artist in town with smoke mirrors. local hipster artists.

i am not really prepared. why are drunk in your office debating.

honestly. honestly, bj and adam booked a really good weekend. thats why we are here.

do you feel like you are appreaceted in this city

oh no. if i was appreaceted in this city. i would feel awkward. or weird.
in this city i don’t feel awkard or weird. i just want to go to the after hours. that’s where the party is.

lara yarzac said.” i just farted. and was still held hostage.”

what is your favcorite album?

the latest ponytail album. she sounds like a cocteau. they are all artists from baltimore maryland. i want to book them but i can’t afford them.

funny. i saw them open for yearsayer. i walked out and yelled at the girl. your a really pretty girl.

ask us what we think of health care.

rebecca, who is the creepiest guy with local noteriety?

ron-is it me.

rebecca-sometimes ron says i am a cum dumpster.

ron-i feel like i am the colleen that tells you the truth.

is this ron’s house. it’s ron’s house.

so when does bar actually get shut down?

we will find out on august 29th. the day that happens will be the day plan the rest of our lives.

don’t talk about it. its off the books.

thats the day that mayor colemen should be scared.

i would like to ask an question.
seriously, robert duffy. why did you move away? robert duffy.i will see you in l.a. cdr took over a weekend. they did a good job. in closing this is how fucked up i am. i will say this. adam and bj put together a wonderful weekend to buy into. if you didn’t buy into. if you didn’t buy into you aren’t smart at all. if anyone thinks differently. then they are not paying attention at all.

please play attention to the kids that are doing good. ronnie b. carabar.