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Listen: Curren$y – “Jet Life” (Remix) Ft. Big K.R.I.T., Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne

New remix of Curren$y’s “Jet Life” ft. Big K.R.I.T., Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne.   The “Jet Life” remix is from the deluxe version Curren$y’s latest album, The Stoned Immaculate

Favorite Albums of 2011: Wes Flexner

30.Mobb Deep-Black Cocaine

MP3: Mobb Deep- Conquer

I like Houston rap as much as the next guy. But sometimes a man enjoys Henroc out of a stryofoam cup instead of lean and sprite. Prodigy is home, and he is voting for Ron Paul like some sort of Q-Boro Vince Gallo. While I am not voting for Ron Paul this EP knocks.

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MP3: Young Jeezy “I Do” ft. Jay-z & Andre 300 / MP3: 50 Cent “What Up Gangsta pt. 2!”

(Photo by Terry Richardson)

MP3: Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z & Andre 3000 – I Do (No Tags)

MP3:  50 – What Up Gangsta pt 2

Do you remember when rap was pure?

I am talking about the golden days when Jeezy was the proper role model for mental health, and 50 Cent was the new Nirvana?
Well, both these songs will take you back the the golden-era of crack music.

Well, The Jeezy song is about getting married or something and guests Andre, and Jay. But it’s still cool to have a powerful new Jeezy cut.  This is kinda like International Players Anthem 2012.  TM03 December 20th.

And Fif. Love you and thank you for not making a soft song. A wise man once said, ‘you can lose a lot of money chasing women. But you will never lose women chasing money’.

MP3:Sole-My President is Black(And that Don’t Mean Jack)

the gore vidal of rap or still a cornball in fact?

Don’t ask me why. But every now and again, I look around the internet to see what Anticon is up to. Well, Sole from Anticon has recorded perhaps the worst rap song in history, or the ballsiest song since ahem, “Makeshift Patriot” by Sage Francis.

“My President is Black, and that don’t mean jack” . Sole says on the hook of the first anti-Obama Hip Hop song, that sends up Young Jeezy’s Black Nationalist anthem. He makes a good point every now and again. Then fucks it up by either making fun of how black people talk or saying some shit about how spicy the food he found in the trash prolly is.

MP3:Sole (feat Jared Paul)-My President Is Black

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Young Jeezy in Columbus Postponed

The Columbus date on The Recession Tour featuring
Young Jeezy/Boosie is postponed.
Ticket refunds available at point of purchase.
No rap show at the Newport tonight.

Young Jeezy In Columbus Tonight

YouTube Preview Image

Jeezy is three for three. You hear me. Three for Three. The most consistant Def Jam artist since iono, Public Enemy or EPMD.
Jeezy has also written the only political song worth a shit in the whole 8 years of Bush regime, “My President”.
Not bad for a gothic-sounding, near-fascist, master of hood-dianetics Trap-Star.

I saw him and Jim Jones lat year at Vets. Jeezy goes hard.
Jeezy, Boosie & Ron Browz are playing at the Newport tonight.

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Ray Lee Hypnotizes You At the Wexner Center

YouTube Preview Image
When Ray Lee talks people should listen. You know how it is real umm pay attention. If you aren’t talking about Sirens then you are speaking a different language.

Never mind…

Just watch the the Ray Lee video. It has the Sound artist and composer explaining an experience availble to you. sooooooooooo….Buy some qualudes and go get a brain massage at the Wexner Feb 26-28th. More info here:Wexartsblog.

(disclosure: duffy works there)

Young Jeezy ft. Jay-z: “My President is Black” in DC Last Night

YouTube Preview Image

Salute. Black Nationalism is the new Patriot Act.

 Today marks the official beginning of Barack Obama’s presidency.  The above video is of Young Jeezy’s “My President is Black”  being performed live in  Washington, DC on the eve of this historic day. The album verison of “My President” has Nas. But once again Nas lost; Nasir  didn’t make it DC, I guess. Jay-z raps instead,  jokingly saying “My president is black but he is infact  half-white. So even in a racist’s mind he is alright.” I still love Jeezy’s verse though for the line, “Be all that you can be. Don’t that sound like some dumb shit.”

 Congrats America. You can look at yourself in the mirror for the first time in awhile.

Gucci Mane Show Review

All photos by Johnny Cashola on a crappy disposable camera.

Me and a few friends went and watched Gucci Mane perform at Club Ice last Friday. Gucci is a man that has sold 500,000 records independently with a label that he has left and is fueding with, a man that sent a friend of Young Jeezy’s to his grave, and has the streets on smash right now with his hit “Freaky Girl”. The night was a spectacle of great porportions complete with a member of the SwatTeam rocking a bullet proof vest and carrying a Machine Gun looking in a manner that resembled a StormTrooper walking up and down Long street, a news crew from godknows where, a two-hour line wait which resulted in the door prices being jacked up to 300 dollars on a 20 dollar ticket. Then there was the actual show.

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