Eric Metronome Covers R.E.M’s “Wendell Gee”

Eric Metronome is covering a new song every week for 52 weeks. Last week, he covered REM. This is what he wrote:

R.E.M. was pretty much all I listened to before I went to college and Fables Of The Reconstruction was always one of my favorites. I taught myself how to play guitar learning a lot of the early R.E.M. songs like Driver 8, Shaking Through and Gardening At Night. But something about Wendell Gee always stuck with me…maybe it’s the story aspect. I think that’s why I like Fables so much; there’s a lot of weird literary content and characters. Anyway, I lost track of R.E.M. after hearing Monster a few times, but I recently went back and bought all the early albums on CD cause I only had them on cassette. Good stuff.

  • Jonathan Hape

    damn fine job sir…

    damn fine.